L&D in Texas- suggestions?

  1. I'm currently living in the DFW area of TX and am a L&D nurse and the job situation is very sparse. So I am looking to travel to other cities in Texas to work, probably do like 7 on, 7 off and fly or drive home, depending on the distance. Does anyone have any recommendations on cities/hospitals that have good L&D reputations or bad ones? I don't know much about TX besides this area I'm in, so any ideas will be helpful. Thanks!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Fort Duncan Medical Center: http://www.fortduncanmedicalcenter.com/Home

    I've heard that their L&D department is extremely busy. In addition, since the hospital is located in a less desirable part of the state, I've heard that the hiring managers will devise compressed schedules to recruit and retain nurses who live outside the local area.
  4. by   rdnkmommy
    I work at Methodist in Dallas and we are in desperate need of experienced L&D nurses!
  5. by   1996RN
    yeah well tell that to their HR dept! i applied there almost 2 months ago!!
  6. by   Humbled_Nurse
    Have you tried Medical Center of Arlington? I know that it is an "HCA facility" and some people have issues with that, but I think they would be worth checking out. They are doing at least 4000 deliveries a year and growing. They just added a bunch of new perinatologists and they just opened up a 29 bed antepartum unit with plans to add 2 new floors to the Women's Center. You may also try Methodist Mansfield. Not as busy but I think they are growing as well.

    Good luck!