Interview at MD Anderson. Im so nervous!

  1. Hi everyone!
    So Im happy to say that MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, TX contacted me for an interview with HR tomorrow. I just recently graduated from nursing school in August and this is my first "big" interview. This is my DREAM hospital. While in nursing school, I was really interested in pediatrics. Especially pediatric oncology. I am also interested in breast cancer care.

    I'm just so nervous for the interview! I don't want to blow it. I feel like I don't have any interesting or personal stories to share about cancer, since thankfully no one in my family has had cancer. I just love working with children and while in clinical, working on the peds oncology floor was my favorite. And I like breast cancer care, because I got involved with a lot of volunteer events what really enlightened me about breast cancer.

    I just want to stand out to the recruiter and show her how much I want to work there and not look like some new grad hoping to get a job anywhere. This hospital is my #1 choice. I just hope I can articulate it effectively and my nerves don't take over.

    What should I expect from a HR interview?
    I could really use some advice from anyone who works at MD Anderson and knows what to expect from them. A little help pretty please redpinkhe
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  3. by   Cindyrella
    I'm sorry for all the spelling and grammatical errors! I wrote this really quickly and I'm headed out the door, but I really could use some advice!
  4. by   TheguyRN

    Well I don't work there, but I did interview and got offered a position when I first graduated.

    As anyone will tell you be yourself. When I interviewed it was with the Recruiter first and then if you passed her it was with the nursing managers of the unit... So I had two interviews...

    Basically they asked me
    1.) A time where i went above and beyond my duty
    2.) Most memorable experience with a patient.
    I don't really remember the rest its been 1.5 years >.< haha but the interview was stress free, I just felt like I was talking to a friend no crazy hard questions.

    Good Luck! Wow them!
  5. by   Cindyrella
    Thanks so much! I have my second interview on Friday and I'm really nervous now! LOL. I hope everything goes well
    So, did they offer you a position the day of the interview or did they call you on a different day?

    Well thanks again for responding, it really helps to know that the panel interview is not that stressful.
  6. by   nurse-to-be-2012
    Hey Cindyrella! I will be interviewing with HR this coming you have any recommendations for the interview since u recently went through it?? I would really appreciate it!
  7. by   Yan258
    I also received a call from HR today, will be interviewing this week. Any one has any commendations for the HR interview? Thank you so much in advance.