How's the waiting period for Tarrant & Collin ADN Programs?

  1. Hello Everyone in the Dallas Metro Area!

    My husband is looking to relocate back to the Frisco/McKinney area (possibly even Rowlett) after being in California for 3 years.

    At the time I was there I was just considering the nurse thing, and have since completed all pre-reqs (3.0 GPA) and an overall GPA with g.e & pre-reqs of 3.8 and am now ready to apply EVERYWHERE in So Cal! (they're all totally impacted with 2-3 semester waiting lists and/or re-apply periods)

    I was wondering what the current situation is in the Tarrant & Collin County's Community Colleges ADN Programs. I know my GPA is "up there" to at least be considered...but do you all have 400 applicants for 60 spots as we do here in California?

    This may be a real big part of whether I stomp up and down to the dear husand about moving before I'm done with school. Hee Hee!

    Don't get me wrong! I LOVE Texas and can't wait to return - but I'm also chomping at the bit to roll up my sleeves and get dirty after all this science and g.e. crap! Let's get a move on people! Ha! Ha!

    Anyway, any info would be helpful.
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  3. by   sam027000

    I'm not 100% certain but I think that both tarrant and collin county use a point system rather than wait lists. If you're not accepted for the upcoming start date you must reapply each term until you're accepted. Like I mentioned though you may want to double check to verify.

  4. by   TheCommuter
    El Centro College, located in Dallas, does not have waiting lists.
  5. by   Yin Yang
    The DCCCD & CC system require reapplication each semester. I know that both require close to a 4.0 in order to be competitive against the other applicants. El Centro had a 4.0 on pre-reqs and 3.7 I believe on the support classes. Guys, correct me if I'm wrong -- I can't find my

    Good luck!

  6. by   lexcourben
    I think the lowest gpa for CCCCD was 3.7 but they reduced the number of students they accepted because there wasn't enough faculty to teach. Acceptance is based on a point system; a combination of your gpa, score on the entrance exam and how many classes you have completed.

    Hope that helps.
  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    I don't think any of the schools in the DFW area use waitlists -- you have to reapply. However, the programs are very competitive. Some use your total GPA, some use a point system, and some only care about your pre-req GPA. Good luck!