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  1. Hi there..
    I'm considering moving to Houston and/or Austin after I graduate. Houston is looking better than Austin b/c they have a masters program that I want to get into. I was wondering if anyone can recommend some hospitals to me that have a good reputation in the area of nursing. Good and fair patient ratios, a good new grad training program and even payscale would be great too if you have that.

    Thanks for your help
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  3. by   luvmywork
    M. D. Anderson Cancer Center is a great hospital... supportive of their nurses. they pay 100% of my grad school tuition/fee and books. the best patient/nurse ratio... for solid tumor units 4:1 and for hematology units 2-3:1. also, they offer competitive pay (especially for new grads- not sure what it is, but this is what i've heard from the new grads) and excellent benefits. i've worked here for almost 7 years and have no plans of leaving.

    you can look it up at www.mdanderson.org
    along with Sloan-Kettering, it is the number one cancer hospital in the world.

    good luck to you.
  4. by   YoungWiseWoman
    Methodist and St. Lukes are also good. Almost any hospital in the Medical Center is a good teaching hospital. I would start looking now because they are currently interviewing. Let us know what you decide and GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   CityKat
    Thank you I will keep you posted and thanks for all the information!!
  6. by   hrjang

    Would you give me more information about M.D. Anderson?

    I am a new graduate nurse in May, 2007. I have worked on the oncology floor at UAMS as a nurse extern and a clinical care assistant. I will start work on same floor as a RN in July.

    I am looking for a graduate school for oncology nurse. I heard MD Anderson is one of the best hospitals for cancer patients.

    Where did you go to the grad school? Is it an UT-Houston nursing school?

    Is it competitive to be a nurse at MD Anderson? How's the hiring process?