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Hello everyone!!! I'm currently a 4th semester nursing student in Kentucky, graduating in DEC (Woo-hoo!!!). My husband is being stationed at Lackland AFB and I want to get an idea of... Read More

  1. by   fallings86
    San Antonio Area is very saturated. Finding a job is very difficult at this time. I think the job market is better in Houston or Dallas
  2. by   not.done.yet
    Quote from fallings86
    San Antonio Area is very saturated. Finding a job is very difficult at this time. I think the job market is better in Houston or Dallas
    Actually not. Not even remotely.
  3. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from fallings86
    San Antonio Area is very saturated. Finding a job is very difficult at this time. I think the job market is better in Houston or Dallas
    Houston and Dallas have had overly saturated nursing job markets since soon after the economic downturn of 2008.
  4. by   nikkidrn
    New grad ADN and I have been applying for everything I can find since November 1, only 1 interview so far and that was with a long term care facility. I went back to school to get out of the long term care setting but the hospitals won't even interview me unless I get accepted into one of the residency programs. I have applied to 7 different hospital systems from San Antonio to Austin and am still waiting to hear about any chance for a residency but at this point it looks bad.
  5. by   MedChica
    I normally don't spill the beans. Way I see it? Whole heap of folks are running down, "Where do I work?" and "I need a job" and 'I recently located. Who's hiring?" and "Gimme some leads!", etc....
    I can't. Native Texans need jobs, too. Sorry.

    HOWEVER --
    You're a dependant. I'm prior svc military. Hey... military takes care of military! So, I'm chiming in. LOL
    San Antonio is not saturated. Honestly, even Houston isn't THAT bad. San Antonio has more nursing schools AND it's a much smaller city, too! It's not saturated. Yet.
    What with the sheer amt of nursing schools and the amt of new people fleeing to Texas? I fear that it will be happening and very soon.

    This is coming from a newly minted LVN (< 6 months)... WITH 2 JOBS. I just went to a skilled nursing rehab facility yesterday. Did an app and the receptionist was calling to the back trying to get someone to interview me. Unfortunately, there were no nurses to do my interview. The receptionist assured me that someone would call.
    Of course, I always call the facilities to before I waste gas, "Do you hire new nurses with < 6 mths experience?"
    Answer is always, 'yes, we do'. They may advertise differently, but get them on the phone or go by and see. You may find that they're, at least, 'open' to a new nurse.

    Yeah, you have to actually GO TO these facilities. Do some legwork. Don't just fill out a bunch of apps on the internet. When I was looking for a second job, no one responded UNTIL started calling and meeting with peopel face-to-face. I'm convinced that no one even looks at those online apps.

    For an RN? There might be a difference. I've seen quite a few Houston hospitals that openly prefer BSNs. I don't see that among San Antonio Hospitals. I don't really much pay attention to the RN path because I'm not there yet and I've no interest in working in the hospital, in the first place, because the LVN pay is too low. However, it's not like (nonpicky) RNs and LVNs are just out of work for years down here.

    So, if you want to get into a hospital? GET TO NETWORKING. You might have a fight on your hands. There are way more LTCs than hospitals and way too many RNs competing for few slots. You need to be smart and whatnot, of course. But it never hurts to 'know someone who knows someone', as well.
    Desperate for a hospital job and won't settle? Brush up on your spanish and hit the 'valley'. The VA picks up new nurses, too. I spoke to the nurse hiring manager. Nice lady. I have no interest in working for the VA. You're a dependent, so...it would seem like you'd get a few points for that.

    However, if you're just looking for a job and willing to get your feet wet anywhere until you can get into the hospital? You'll have one. Give it time.
    You may have a tougher road with LTCs. But there ARE plenty of LTCS, LTACs, Hospice centers, dialysis clinics and staffing companies that will pick you up. My facility pays higher for the RNs than the hospitals and we're LTC psych. This, I think, is likely because every RN is 'charge'.
    The new RN rate is equal to the new grad hospital pay, too. $24-25/hr
    How do I know this? My old Charge was a baby RN and she talked about the pay cut while discussing her new position at Baptist.

    Good luck
  6. by   nikkidrn
    How soon after applications closed did you here from them for an interview? The program starts here in February, applications closed Nov. 30 and I still haven't heard a peep.
  7. by   VanessaRenee
    Just an update: I finally moved to San Antonio about a week and a half ago. 3 days into settling in I got a job interview and an immediate offer to a great hospital in the area. This was my first interview right out of nursing school (ADN program) and I got the job! It's with a new grad program and I feel as if it's perfect for me. I was worried about moving out here and how the job market would be. I think it just depends on timing and whether or not your a good fit for the organization. What got me into the door was not who I knew or any kind of networking, but it was the good impression I made through my cover letter and resume.
  8. by   paltu
    Hi VanessaRenee
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