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Harris County Hospital District nurse intern position is up from March 1st through the 28th.... Read More

  1. by   NewRN24
    Anyone else get called for HCHD interviews today?
  2. by   jellybean0583
    I have not received a call yet. I wonder if they are calling in batches or have they already called everyone they wanted to interview for? And is the interview only for Ben Taub or Lyndon B Johnson Hospital as well?
  3. by   NewRN24
    No idea. I put Ben Taub and LBJ as my first choices. I really hope I hear from them soon.
  4. by   TXJeepGirl
    I got a call yesterday afternoon for an interview and then another call this morning to re-schedule, so they are still actively arranging interviews.....
  5. by   jellybean0583
    Thanks for the info.
  6. by   jellybean0583
    TXJeepGirl, what was your first and second choices for nursing area? Trying to determine if they are calling a certain area first. Thanks
  7. by   TXJeepGirl
    I just put any critical care unit first, then any med-surg second - I can't tell if it is by unit from other students getting calls because everyone I know pretty much put that same thing...
  8. by   Genu9ine
    Anyone interview with HCHD recently?
  9. by   TXJeepGirl
    I have my first interview this morning and got a call to schedule one on Monday - that was kind of confusing, but I think they are trying to complete initial screening interviews....
  10. by   soxie
    to anyone who has interviewed: do you know approximately when they would let us know if they want us for a second interview or not? i was afraid to ask my interviewer last week and the wait is killing me! thanks!
  11. by   SerenePeach
    I was told they would let us know by May 1 if we were to get a second interview, and that the second interview would be a peer interview with the unit.
  12. by   soxie
    thanks for letting me know, that puts me at ease!
  13. by   SerenePeach
    Does anyone know the starting pay at Ben Taub?