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  1. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Reporting a doctor to HR

    I need advice. I want to report a doctor for extremely unprofessional conduct. The last night I worked the provider was just horrible to me. She blamed me for not having staff to get work done (not my fault and I escalated it as much as I could). Also a previous mistake was made by another physician which was unfairly blamed on me despite it being obvious it was not my fault and I felt the second physician (the one I’m reporting) was retaliating against me to defend her friend. It was in regards to mix up despite every intervention to prevent it and the doctor allowing stress to obscure prudent decision making. I feel the previous error by the other doctor made the new oncoming doctor hostile against me. I unfortunately cannot divulged the exact circumstances because of confidentiality (it’s a crazy and ridiculous story though) but the new doctor basically attacked me for everything, even if they were not an issue. A splint which was completed in less than 45 minutes was not performed fast enough and she accused me of not helping with a critical patient fast enough even though I went there immediately. She also did not have clue what she was doing, ugh. She made me and the staff feel attacked. I’ve endured her behavior too long (and written about it in a previous post) and I want to escalate to HR. We should be allowed to feel valued and respected. The only fear I have is the repercussions that I might face for trying to improve our workplace. Any thoughts or advice?
  2. SnickerDoodle_RN

    TBI medications

    I was wondering what you guys do in your ED for management of TBI injuries for ICP, risk for herniation? It seems like there are so many ways for this condition to be managed. I know a lot of EDs do hypertonic saline and mannitol, but any other medications?
  3. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Rude doctors

    Hello everyone, I am sure we all have experienced this a time or two working in a busy emergency department. I have worked er for awhile now and get along well with all the doctors save for one. This person in particular is unpopular because of her behavior. Lately, however it seems her ways have become magnified. She is SO RUDE and in the past she would vent frustration at me and then apologize later. In fact, she has done this multiple times. I have never had any other provider treat me this way, just her. It is really frustrating and I am thinking about reporting her, but I am not really sure how. I am also scared she will retaliate against me and may even be successful at doing so. One event that really irked me was when I was helping in the trauma bay and was incredibly busy and a bit stressed. She starts demanding I go find a scribe for her and I tell her when I am finished with my current task I will go find one (which was more kind than she deserved) she literally just stared at me until I finished my task when she could have gotten a scribe or called one herself. Another occasion she yelled at me for taking too long to give a patient Ibuprofen (it had been 25 minutes since ordered, given at 30). She is also treating other staff this way and it is very frustrating. I dont know what to do. I just hate working with her. Should I pull her aside and talk to her or just report her. I want to smooth thing over not kick the hornets nest. Personally though I feel her attitude is a big problem and she is the kind of person who thinks nurses are beneath her and she can just kick them around when she is frustrated. What do I do? I seriously feel like the next time she says "im sorry" im going to say "yeah, heard that before." then I'll really get into trouble. UGH!
  4. SnickerDoodle_RN

    CPEN help so nervous!

    I failed by 3 questions. I will have to prepare better next time. 😕
  5. SnickerDoodle_RN

    CPEN help so nervous!

    Good morning fellow nurses, Tomorrow I take CPEN and I am SOOOO nervous. I do not feel prepared at all and have absolutely no idea how this test is going to go. I have a lot of pediatric emergency experience and am sure I have a good foundation but I was doing a few practice questions and thought OMG this is hard. For example, did you know that having chicken pox increases your risk for Osteomylitis? I didnt! Any good advice/study materials that might help me build more confidence? TIA.
  6. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Er nursing and stress

    So I've been in ER for a little over a year and I've been triage for a few weeks now and I'm having a hard time with all the stress. Due to the dynamics of our ER right now I am often placed in Triage all night long. Recently I worked a really tough shift where it felt like every patient was critical and I noticed multiple occasions where I could have done things differently and they weigh heavily on me despite no adverse harm coming to my patients. Overall I work with an amazing team and no one is punitive but I still feel hard on myself. Has anyone been through this, particularly with triage? I just feel like I either need to get better or get tougher with dealing with these things.
  7. SnickerDoodle_RN


    So I'm an ED pediatric nurse, but I occasionally get really small newborns. I was wondering how many seconds is considered an 'apnic episode'.
  8. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Hopefully this helps. . . struggling with getting past this failure

    I am sorry you had a bad experience with your first boss. It is truly disheartening that someone can indifferently crush the confidence and aspirations of a new RN. I had a difficult time with my first job and I decided to take a break and work in home health. This allowed me to expand my competency and confidence. I still struggle with my confidence to this day. Hope this help!
  9. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Co worker issue

    I explained it to her but I highly doubt it was reinforced!
  10. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Co worker issue

    The charge nurse came to me after the PCA complained and initially I was surprised because I did recognize that perhaps I may have been "mean." She told me it was better I apologize and I did. I also explained to the PCA why I was stressed. When I spoke with my charge nurse I explained the symptoms and that I did not know I hurt her feelings or was maybe to harsh. I will post an update after speaking with my manager.
  11. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Co worker issue

    i need advice. I have been a registered nurse for several years and currently work in the emergency room. We
  12. SnickerDoodle_RN

    When to use a filter for PIV infusion

    Hello all, i was was wondering when is it appropriate to use a filter for a continuous infusion D5 1/2 NS kcl? I always put my patient on a filter if 1. They have a cardiac history 2. They have a central line otherwise I do not use a filter. I am am also aware that some medications require a filter if they are anti neoplastic agents or mannitol. I have never given these medications so therefore never set up a filter. i was wondering if there are any otger reasons?
  13. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Harris County Hospital District nurse intern position is up

    No idea. I put Ben Taub and LBJ as my first choices. I really hope I hear from them soon.
  14. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Harris County Hospital District nurse intern position is up

    Anyone else get called for HCHD interviews today?
  15. SnickerDoodle_RN

    Harris County Hospital District nurse intern position is up

    Has anyone heard back from HCHD yet? We should post when we start hearing from them so we can expect a phone call.

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