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  1. Is there any current Grayson County College students who started the nursing program in spring of 09. Or any students of Grayson who plan on applying for the fall 09 nursing program. I have finished all my class except micro which I'm currently taking. I was wondering how many points do you need to have a good chance of getting in? Also if you retake a class to get a better grade for the extra points does that look bad because you didn't get an A the first time? I did take the HESI and made an A I'm just worried out of 300 applicants only 60 get in. Is it common for all those 60 to have max. points and people without straight A's don't have a chance? Any advice would be great!!!

    Thanks for any input
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  3. by   kace081106
    Hey, I 'd love to know the same thing. I have 26 out of the 30 points and am worried but there is nothing I can do to get more points other than retaking A&P II and I am not going to do it. I got an 89 and my teacher wouldn't budge. So I am missing 2 points for residency and 2 for a B because it counts twice since they don't post separate grades for lab and lec. I did e-mail C. Hix and she said we would know the first week in June. Sorry I couldn't help but hope someone replies from Spring 09.
    Good Luck
  4. by   TexasGirl24
    They don't really care if you had to take sciences more than once. I would say if you have 25 or more points, you have a great chance of getting in. I had 28 when I was accepted in Fall of 08. You have to take into consideration that some of those other applicants may not have a completed file. Some people still apply even if they lack a few classes and think they will get in. Good luck to both of you and don't sweat it!
  5. by   kace081106
    I did get in! So excited. I had 26 points and another friend of mine had 24 and got in. Did you get in???
  6. by   TexasGirl24
    Congrats Kace081106!!! You will LOVE it!
  7. by   newstudent2010
    Hey guys! I'm just wondering how you are liking Grayson's program? I start in January!
    Any opinions would be great
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