Graduating LVN school in May and need some advice:)

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am currently in my last semester of LVN school in the central texas area. When I graduate in May I plan on moving back to the Dalllas area to be closer to my family. I do not have any healthcare experience besides attending nursing school. I was wondering of some places that are new grad friendly in the area and when should I really start applying for these positions. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   AdobeRN
    If you are interested in correctional nursing you may want to put in an application with NaphCare - they provide medical care at the Collin County Detention Center in Mckinney. I was hired and started orientation about a month before I graduated from LVN school. They will probably have openings, since a few of their LVNs will be graduating from an ADN program in May and at this time they do not have any RN positions available for them.
  4. by   lilkimball05
    Thanks for the info I really appreciate it
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I am aware that LTC/nursing homes have a bad overall reputation.

    However, DFW nursing homes will hire new, inexperienced LVNs on the spot without bothering to interview the applicant. They tend to pay well, too. I would walk into the facility, and the nurse managers were doing everything possible to keep me from walking to the parking lot.
  6. by   lilkimball05
    Thanks I will definitely try some of those places....I am not too picky just want to be able to utlize my schooling....