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Hi everyone, I am a senior nursing student and have started the process of applying for jobs for June 2012. I was hoping to start this thread so people could share if they have heard back from any of... Read More

  1. by   Texan45
    Thank you for your input cmcervantes. I ended up taking the position at Baylor. Cardiac care is my passion, and at Baylor I will have the opportunity to care for post-op CABG, valve replacements, MAZE procedures, AAA, left ventricular assist devices, and heart and lung transplants. That is really what solidified the decision for me. I want to work regularly with invasive hemodynamic monitoring via pulmonary artery catheters, and provide a level of pt care that results in the best outcomes. However, I agree with you that the internship at Parkland is amazing. If Ms. Mims and Luecke had their program at Baylor I feel it would be the best training program in the country.

    I know Parkland's training program and learning opportunities are second to none, however the end result of care from the practicing medical residents and staff results in suboptimal patient outcomes. When you look at their ratings of treatment outcomes for various diagnoses and procedures per http://www.healthgrades.com they have many below the expected standard of care. That was the real issue tugging at me. Receiving top notch education and experience with all types of critical patients, but then having the treatment I provide maybe not have the best result for my patients. Another big factor was Parkland not performing cardiovascular surgical procedures.

    I had also heard that Baylor did not pay as well, however they really are very similar in rate after comparing shift diffs. Here are the numbers.

    Parkland: $24.52/hr $2.75-evening $3.50-night $6.00-weekend

    Baylor: $22.75/hr $3.00-evening $5.00-night $6.00-weekend
  2. by   RN-Mama
    Congrats Texan45!!! Did you apply to the CVICU at Baylor Dallas? I had a phone interview last week but have not heard back from anyone since then.
  3. by   Texan45
    Yes it is at The Dallas location. Ok great! I would recommend calling the individual you did the interview with and asking when you can come in for an interview. Plead your case as to why your the best person for the position. Or try emailing them and doing the same thing. Attach all your application documents with the email- including transcript and letters of recommendation. Try to set yourself out from the crowd and make them want to hire you.I would also look at Medical City Dallas. They do some amazing surgical techniques for their heart cases. I would have loved to work there also but I don't believe they have posted any openings yet.Good luck!
  4. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Quote from not.done.yet
    The hospitals in DFW as a generality (meaning the vast majority) will NOT hire new grads outside of internships. Most either are not having internships at all, will only grant them to people with inside connections (ie: worked there during school, had an externship there or did their preceptorship there or know someone who works there already) or have gone to a "stipend" type of internship where you get a flat rate of pay (not hourly) that is pretty darn low, no benefits and no guarantee of a job when it ends after 12 weeks. HCA hospitals in the Dallas area have gone to this system of interning new graduates. Openings for internships will start posting in March/April for the June start dates.

    I feel sorry for anyone moving here believing the hype about Texas having missed the recession. It doesn't take a lot of research to know this is just not the case. Never EVER move somewhere without a job already lined up. Especially not in an economy like this.

    Best of luck everyone.
    Really? That's not what Baylor's website says about their residency program! Which hospitals??