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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with this hospital? I'm from Houston and have an interview for their GN position with their trauma department. I like to know if anyone is working here and can tell me a little bit about the hospital? Or about the Christus organization as a whole, it'll be nice to hear first hand experience about the organization.

    I have a couple of job offers for GN position in Houston but they're either med-surg or psych. Trauma is my passion and I am holding off on those offers and I really want this position in Corpus even if I have to relocate.

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  3. by   blueorchid981
    No information to give you but how did the interview go? Which Houston hospital did you get an GN position at?
  4. by   HouTx
    I'm very familiar with the CHRISTUS system. They are a large Catholic health care system - facilities mostly in TX & LA, but also in AR & NM as well as international (Mexico & Chile). The CHRISTUS Spohn system is in Corpus - they have 3 facilities in the city, and 3 more in outlying towns as well as multiple free-standing clinics in that region. I believe they have a strong tradition of new grad programs in several clinical areas. CHRISTUS Spohn Memorial is a Level II Trauma facility.

    I hope you like Corpus. It's really a very "sleepy" town and certainly does not have all the attractions of Houston or even San Antonio. If you like the beach, it will probably be great for you.
  5. by   Hung
    thx, I interviewed last Thursday with a panel of nurses. I'm trying to follow up but not sure who to contact because they don't post contact info to their HR department online -_-. I was told a decision was to be made either last Friday or Monday (today) but I haven't heard back and not sure who to contact really.
  6. by   deanne_SN13
    Did you hear back from them? I am considering Christus for a new grad position when I graduate in Spring 2015.