Calling all student nurses from North Harris, Tomball, Kingwood

  1. I would like to know what to expect during the first semester, what was the best hospital to do your clinicals, what professors have the most patience. I am looking forward to advice from students that either is in the program now or graduate from the programs. This thread will help all students entering the program at either of these campues for the fall 07. I would like to say thanks for the input, advise, and honestly in advance and wish those students who are still in the program, congratz and best wishes.

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  3. by   JHRN2BE
    it all depends on which school you are attending. I go to Tomball and chose by which hospital I was interested in working upon graduation. Went to 3 different hospitals in 4 semesters. I'm graduating next month and have been at clinicals at my current location for last 2 semesters and have rec'd a job offer. The school recommends that we do NOT attend the same location for more than 2 semesters. Depends on your school.

    hope this helps! JH
  4. by   natthomas
    Thanks so much for the response. I hope you don't mind but I have few questions about Tomball nursing programs. Do you have any professors that you recommend and also what type of week can someone expect for the 1st semester. So many have view this thread, but no one has dare to respond. I like to say Keep up the hard work and thanks for the advice. I get excite and nervous just think about the program. Mixed feelings..... I think, sooooooooooooo confused.
  5. by   sbyramRN
    I am at Cy Fair and you do not get to choose your professors-they are chosen for you. Also, there are several clinical sights, and we are assigned to those as well-we do not get to choose. The reason for this is that we get to see how different hospitals are ran and we get to work with a wide variety of people. Also, they divide the students up so we don't go to clinicals with the same people every time. I don't start clinicals until June, but this is what we were told by the program director. I know that the other schools in the community college district are ran differently than ours, but I thought I would give another perspective.
  6. by   natthomas
    Hey how is the program, is it more or less what you expected. I heard both good and bad things from other students at that campus (nursing program). Are you pulling your hair out yet or is it what you make of the program. I very interest in more about the program, I just don't know where to start. How is this: PDA or Books or Both? It nice to talk to students in the programs among the different campus of nhmccd. Most forums only talk about what is needed to get in not what happens after you get in. Thanks for shedding light on your campus as well
  7. by   JHRN2BE
    I am not sure if they have changed the first year schedule to 12 hour clinicals, but for my class our first & 2nd semesters we went 4 days a week

    Mon & Tues. lecture 0800-1050
    Lab Mon OR Tuesday for 2 hours there are labs right after class or later in the afternoon. You pick
    Wed. & Thurs. - clinicals - 0700-1500

    I think they have moved to 12 hour clinicals for both upper and lower level - not sure, though. you would need to clarify that. For my class this academic year we had class M-T, 12 hour clinicals W OR Th. Also, we had a HESI review course built in on Monday's from 1200-1500. Last semester there is no lab. Monday's were long days, but worth it. For 2nd & 3rd semesters you have Wed. & Thurs. lecture days/lab & clinicals M or Tues. IF the school has changed lower level to 12 hour clinicals, you only go 3 days a week total. It is a great schedule!

    best of luck to you!!!
  8. by   sbyramRN
    at cy fair it is Nursing Skills on M & W from 8.30-11.30, Health Assessment from 8.30-11.30 on Tuesdays. Intro to nursing from 9-11 on Fridays and Legal and Ethical for four weeks online. This summer we will have clinicals on M & T (8 hours each day) and class on Wed & Thurs from 9-12.
  9. by   Krissyone
    I am interested in any feedback from anyone who attends North Harris.. please What is a good clinical site to choose, and which professors would you recommend?

    Thats too bad Cy-Fair doesnt let you choose!
  10. by   natthomas
    Both ladies are very helpful. I'm really interest in recommendations for professors at Tomball. You don't have to bash any professors if thats not your thing, but who you prefer. I also have one more question. Clinicals, do the professor just throw you in there or do they find time to work with students in groups. Sorry to bombard with so many questions. The more I know about the program, the less stress I'll have. I work so hard to get to this point and now its the real deal. I thought I had stress but now getting in seem easy compare to finishing the actual program. Help ease the stress, if possible.
  11. by   JHRN2BE
    as far as recommendations go for Tomball - they all are good. You'll have to see when you get in there which one you prefer. I may suggest one, but you may not agree. Last semester I didn't choose a certain professor b/c of what last year's class said, and I missed out. Chose her this semester and she's an amazing teacher and we have all learned so much in one semester. Wished I would have chosen her earlier and not listened to what others say. It's only opinion anyway.
  12. by   natthomas
    JHRN2BE Do the professor teach the class where notes and lectures are seen on the test or is it where some is taught in class but the rest is independent studying.
  13. by   JHRN2BE
    The professors give you objectives for each unit and list what the student will be learning/expected to learn. They tell you which chapters out of books that will be covered and the lecture is power point presentations or outlines and you write notes. they can test over any of it. That should be the same anywhere. even if they don't cover it in class, it can still be on a test.
  14. by   natthomas
    Thanks for the heads up. I like to be prepared in situations such as this. Most professors I have encounter either gives study guides or lectures everything need for the test or they simple point in the right direction with the most important things in the chapter. I guess if the test questions can range from lecture to never being mention, I guess is safe to say study everything and anything if possible.