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    Quote from KK92RN
    before you even send in an application to the board with your fee the board will want a declaration from you. you can get it off the website and it was 150. for me to send it in and see if they would give me a license. the background check doesn't matter because one of the questions on the application is if you have ever been convicted of or recieved def adj. for anything. so what they do is you send them everything, a statement about what happened court papers ect and they will make a decision. mine was with restrictions but i also didn't know to do this until nov and i was graduating in may so i might not have graduated and would have went to school without being able to take boards. so good luck.
    One of my peers had to fill out and pay for a Declartory Order for something she did as a 14 yr old. There is no such thing as an expunged record according to the BNE, if you have anything other than a traffic ticket EVER, it's best to go to the Board of Nurse Examiners for the State of Texas at
    You can get all the information you need. And it's best to get started as soon as possible; another one of my classmate's check took 2 years. By the way, they are both RN's now!

    Good luck
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    I am posting this again in October of 2005. I hope that my update helps anyone else who is applying for a D.O. I have started taking the prerequisites at DCCCD for the El Centro nursing program. This Fall (2005) I am taking 2 of them and in the Spring (2006) I will take the other two.

    The BNE will find out about any criminal offense. Although they only ask you to disclose felony convictions, they have access to an FBI background check. An FBI background check will give them all of the information that is on your arrest record. I applied for an FBI background check to see for myself what was on my record. There is no point in not telling the whole truth to the BNE.

    Part of the application is having two references write letters of recommendation for you, so if you don't have that already then start looking for them before you apply (which is before you start your RN program - if you are smart).

    I have called the BNE twice, and I got the same answer to the same question on both occassions. I don't know where one of the posters got the information that there are 500 cases in the queue waiting to be sorted through. Or, perhaps I was merely fed the 'official response' to the question. But, when I asked how long the wait period is I was told 3-6 months. It is valid for 1 year.

    That was the easy part.

    For the DCCCD program a 7 year background check is made. For my situation I will theoretically start the RN program 7 years after the offense. So, I will pass the DCCCD test.

    The tricky part is when you are signing up for practicals within the nursing program. From the information I have gathered, DCCCD sends you out to different hospitals, but it seems that each hospital may have a different policy regarding background checks.

    DCCCD checks 7 years, so if the hospital does the same and it has been more than 7 years for you then you will likely get in. But, if the hospital makes a more diligent search then the DCCCD program will try to use the D.O. to let you take the practicals.

    The reason that I say 'will try to use the D.O.' is because after emailing the El Centro people, I have not gotten the answer that I would hope to hear. No one ever told me that if I get a D.O. approval that I would definently be approved for practicals.

    So I still have a question for anyone who has been approved for a D.O. - did you pass/fail a background check when you did your practicals? What was the hospital's policy? And, did you, or have you had problems getting employed after graduation with an RN?
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    I am a BSN RN, They do FBI background checks and they get your
    whole history no matter how far back it goes. I went to nursing school at age 46, and my areest from 33 years previous they knew about.
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    Since this thread is over 4 years old, the person who made the original post probably got his/her question answered many moons ago.
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    As one of the other posters stated. The BNE doesn't just do a background check, they run an FBI background check and fingerprint card. If you've been fingerprinted for ANYTHING, the FBI will have a record of it. For juvenile offenses I believe most states were in compliance with sending fingerprints to the FBI by 1987. Prior to that, it's unlikely the FBI has a record of it, therefore theoretically you could get away with not reporting a minor juvenile offense prior to 1987.

    My advice, do the declaration and see what happens.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Since this thread is over 4 years old, the person who made the original post probably got his/her question answered many moons ago.
    Well poo! I didn't read your post until AFTER I posted my response.... Oh well, maybe someone else needs the info....