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Heyyyy everyone! There isn't a thread yet for the Spring '12 hopefuls, so I thought I'd start one :clown: I just finished Microbiology, College Algebra and 4 of my 5 coreq's, and all I have... Read More

  1. by   ecw22
    We should start a Facebook page for the Spring 12 people.
  2. by   LizzyBurger
    I got in for Spring at EVC! SO EXCITED!!! Congratz to everyone who made it, and to those who didn't, hang in there. It's all about hurry up and wait...
  3. by   ecw22
    Who is going to the Jump Start Workshop this Friday at EVC?

    Has anyone found a BLS for Health Professionals CPR class for less than $50?
  4. by   LD424
    I took the CPR class with Janna from Sav-A-Heart and it was $60. Looking forward to the workshop on Friday, hopefully I will have my packet done by then so I don't have to make an extra trip.
  5. by   ecw22
    Im such a procrastinator.. i wont be finished by friday. lol Do you have a facebook?
  6. by   ecw22
    Also, what sections did you register for? Are they all the same or are some on different days?
  7. by   LD424
    Look me up on Facebook... The sections are all the same. I think depending on how many people actually register they may divide us up into a morning and afternoon class. They did not do that at EVC this semester because they only had around 30 people. I have a friend who just finished the semester and out of her clinical group that started with 10 there are only 5 or 6 left. Wonder how many people the other 2 groups ended up with?
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  8. by   bnicole
    I am at CEC and we have lost 3 or 4 people so far this semester....So we still have a pretty full class.

    I cannot believe that the program is so competitive that a high 55 did not get in. I am happy to almost be finished with my first semester. It has flown by and been really enjoyable. It was not anywhere as difficult as I was expecting. I would not be discouraged by what other people say about the will quickly find out what works best for your studying and you will do just fine.

    Good luck!
  9. by   karina01

    I'm so excited I just joined and I'm happy to beable to communicate with other nurses-to-be. I still have to take anatomy, physiology,micro and pharm. I have realized the hard way on how important getting theright professor is; I attend ACC as well any advice on which professors I cantake?
    Thank you in advance
  10. by   ruddergrl
    What part of town are you in? Would you be willing to go to the south campus?