Austin Community College Fall 2009 Entry - page 2

Just wondering who else is waiting on acceptance for Fall 2009 for ACC? I am about to go crazy waiting till May 1st! :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   mwski
    No, we had Dr. Cai last spring.
  2. by   beckabee
    Today is the day! Good luck to everyone!
  3. by   editor2rn
    I read somewhere we would be notified by e-mail and letter. Does anyone know for certain if they will send letters by e-mail?
  4. by   beckabee
    The ADN website had said that both email and letter would be sent.
  5. by   RADIATION_RN
    I am anxious for all of you guys!! Good luck to you all!! I will be in your shoes this time next year!!
  6. by   mhayley
    WHOEE!! I got in, just got my offer letter by email at 4:50...check your email!
  7. by   editor2rn
    I'm in, too! Yipppeeeeee!
  8. by   mwski
    mhaley and editor2rn...good news for you! How many points did you have?
  9. by   mhayley
    Congrats! Which program do you want? I'm wanting the online class.
  10. by   editor2rn
    I had 52.363636, and the offer letter said I was ranked 36th.
  11. by   editor2rn
    I asked for online, too. They're probably inundated with people wanting online. I originally wanted CEC, but then I heard from a faculty member that that program may end up in Round Rock. Online was my second choice.
  12. by   editor2rn
    Speaking of online, has anyone heard current students' opinions about the online course?
  13. by   mhayley
    I've hired a lot of GN's who have taken online and in class. Everyone really likes the online class, you have to be very disciplined though. They seem to have a maturity because of the discipline it requires.