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I was just curious if anyone has had to take the Parkland hospital medication test. I have an interview there and they said that if they choose for me to go on that I will take a med test. Thank... Read More

  1. by   jadu1106
    sar901--congrats on 2 interviews!! i hope you get the job!

    rnhopeicu--i did the same thing, i applied for 3-4 nurse resident positions and 1 or 2 rn i positions between july and august and still have not heard from them. i contacted a recruiter just to be told the usual, we are sorting the apps and if you meet our requirements, we will contact you. i then was able to get the name of another recruiter and emailed her, but she never responded.

    i am still hoping i hear from them or one of the other many places i have applied. there are also 2 jobs fairs coming up in early october i am planning to go to and see what may be available there!

    best of luck to you!

  2. by   gobananas15
    Hi, I am a senior and will be graduating in Dec. I too am going to be applying to Parkland, but I just wanted to add I have been working there since March as a nursing student, but I had applied in early december and never got contacted until late feb, and i had forgotten i applied there too! so dont give up even if it feels like it has been forever, you may still get a call..

    Am wondering to those that interviewed/got hired, how was the interview? was it one on one or group? how long before you heard back? and also do you know how many get hired for the residencies?
  3. by   excessively_diverted
    @ TCU-trauma - congrats on getting the job! What position did you get? I just interviewed Monday for the NNICU residency and I was curious how long it was until you heard back from them?

    @Sar910 - I'm interested to know if you ended up getting the job??
  4. by   luson10
    I too am curious how long it takes to get a reply. I applied October 1st for Parkland Graduate nurse and have made numerous attempts to contact the recruiter with no success. Please those of you who have received a reply: How long did you wait??
  5. by   "Security Check"
    I just received an email with link to medication test for Parkland hospital in Dallas TX. Where can I find study/prep material? Katt RN