Anyone apply to Cy Fair or Kingwood College ? - page 6

Is there anyone else out there who has applied to Cy Fair or Kingwood College for their ADN-RN progam for Spring 2006 ? Today, September 15th was the application deadline.... Read More

  1. by   nokueze
    Please can anyone tell me what the lvn program is like at cyfair
  2. by   memargz35
    does anyone here took the pharmacology hesi in cy-fair?? was it hard? does it have math in it?? i just received my acceptance letter today in cy-fair for spring semester. i already took pharmacology in tc, so i plan to take the pharma hesi in cyfair. i'd like to get an idea on how they format the test or how it's like .

  3. by   kponderRN
    does anyone know the deadline to apply to Kingwood College for Fall 2009?