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Is there anyone else out there who has applied to Cy Fair or Kingwood College for their ADN-RN progam for Spring 2006 ? Today, September 15th was the application deadline.... Read More

  1. by   Soft_Kitty_Cat
    As far as I know, NHMCCD and HCC will accept applications without proof of immunization at the time of applying. But, you are responsible for meeting the requirements by the time of acceptance. I thought I took care of that part of the requirement to enter into the nursing program, but I was advised wrong. I hope you are right and that everything will be fine! I will let everyone know in case anyone ever has this particular problem, too.

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    I thought the schools wouldn't even take an application if you didn't already have either two shots or show that you had immunity. So maybe you are fine.
  2. by   texancanadian
    Do you know where I can get the shots done ASAP. Any place that can give expedited shots ? even if the shot sare 1 month apart and I take one now, one on Dec 20th and one say on the 1st day o school do you think I will be ok ?
  3. by   sbyramRN
    Well, when I applied for the Fall 2006 period, I had to show proof of having had two shots. I guess It was different for the Spring since there was a longer period between the application and the start date.
  4. by   katcourt
    In reference to the Hep B shots, I didn't have to show any paperwork when I submitted my application. I ALMOST found myself in the same predicament as several of you. I knew I had had the vaccination, but the records department at my doctors office somehow only had documentation of the 3rd and final shot. Thank goodness for Moms! My Mom had kept a copy of my immunization record in my baby book with the other 2 shots recorded on it. Whew! Needless to say, I was a bit upset with the records department. I made a copy and hand-delivered it to them so that it would be there for future reference. I think the best advice would be to try and squeeze in the first 2 shots between now and December 15th, take another titer to test for immunity, and hope that the nursing department will make exceptions.
  5. by   Soft_Kitty_Cat
    Sorry for the late response. Montgomery College is offering Hep B vaccinations on Nov. 30. Your physician should be able to give you the vaccination, and I was also told you could go to the Health Department to get one. I think it is also offered by University of Texas Health Services in the Medical Center. To get them done quickly, you would have to do the fast track schedule, which would be vaccinations spaced out one month apart.

    Quote from texancanadian
    Do you know where I can get the shots done ASAP. Any place that can give expedited shots ? even if the shot sare 1 month apart and I take one now, one on Dec 20th and one say on the 1st day o school do you think I will be ok ?
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  6. by   lilypad2424
    You can take the 3rd shot 4 months from your first shot. Technicallly the 3rd shot is only a booster anyway. However, the rules have changed in the past few years, so most doctor's are not updated. The info is on the CDC website. If you are desperate, and have proof of your first two, I know a dr. that will give it to you, though you may have to drive to clear lake. If you need the whole series by mid January, you're SOL. Remember that it's for your own protection. Better to wait until next semester than risk getting Hep B. I went through this same situation, and luckily I was only days short of my 3rd shot for clinicals. Two days to be exact. I cried, begged and pleaded, and luckily the dept. head at my school was totally cool and gave me a special exception......PM me if you want.
  7. by   Soft_Kitty_Cat
    I didn't want to leave anyone hanging (as if you really cared ). Just wanted to let you know what happened. I tried to turn in my acceptance letter to Kingwood, and when I did, I was told that I was not going to get in because my immunizations were not going to be completed by the deadline. I tried to tell the lady that she was the one that advised me to still try and to get the 2 shots and titer and go to the orientation, but she still made a stink about it as if she did not remember or never said such a thing. So, I said forget it and didn't go to the orientation. Luckily, San Jacinto College accepted me to their ADN program (an hour drive away though). I just finished their 2 day orientation. They are lenient in regard to their requirement for the Hep B immunizations and don't really have a deadline. They said you complete it when you complete it and that's that. As for everything else needed (background check, physical exam, CPR certification), they give us plenty of time to get that done (Jan. 9) so there is no stress in trying to rush to get it all done this month. But, I will still get them done way before then. Thanks to all who gave me advice prior. Good luck in your program and success to you all!
  8. by   earthlynurse2be
    How do you know your point levels that you all are referring to?

    Long story short I have a degree in Public Health. My advisor advised me to take the credit courses for A & P 1 and 2 instead of the Continuing Education to bring my GPA up and since I hadn't taken the course since 1996. I plan to apply to Nursing School after completing my A & P classes but would love to know what my points are before attempting to do so.
  9. by   sbyramRN
    The point system is what they use to determine who will be accepted into the program. There is 12 possible points. You can receive up to four points for the amount of pre-req hours you have completed. In order to get the whole four points (which you will need if you want to get in) you will have to have completed 28-31 hours of the nursing pre-reqs (Engl., Psych; A & P I, A & P II, Microbiology, Life Span, Sociology, PE, Fine Arts, and I don't remember what else). The next four points are your combined GPA for Eng., A & P I and Psych. The next four points are determined by the reading comprehension score on your HESI exam.

    Hope this helps. Out of 12 points, I got an 11.448 and was accepted into the nursing school at Cy-Fair. I think it is that competitive at all the NHCCD campuses, though.

  10. by   earthlynurse2be
    oh okay cool! thanks for explaining that to me.
  11. by   michiemikala
    Does anyone know the deadline to have the CPR cert. done for Cy-Fair? Tomball EMS is having one but they said the next class isn't until the 1st or 2nd Saturday in Jan.
  12. by   sbyramRN
    Before class starts on the 16th.
  13. by   Cutienurse2be
    Hi Everyone!
    Im hoping to get some information from someone on the LVN program at Cyfair. Does anyone know what the cut-off points are in that program to get in? Thanks so much!