Advice from Houston area nurses and GN's

  1. Hi everyone. I just graduated school and will be moving to Houston from San Antonio in the next month. I have several GN internship interviews this week and next week. I was wondering what hospitals do you feel is a good place to work, including work conditions, pay, benefits, etc? Also, have any of you GN's already been hired for a job? I understand it's pretty competitive for a GN slot in Houston. Any advice would be truly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   foxyhill21
    Which hospitals do you have internships at? Medical center, South side, West side, north side.. it's so many hospitals
  4. by   nursen75
    Geez, after coming back from Houston this weekend, I didn't realize it had that many hospitals. There were hospitals I didn't even know about. Anyways, I have interviewed with Bayshore in Pasadena, Ben Taub, and a phone interview Woman's Hospital and St. Joseph's. I am supposed to interview with Texas Children's either this week or next week. I really want to work NICU as my first choice but will take L&D also. Those two areas are where I want to be. All are offering NICU positions except Ben Taub, they claimed they couln't have GN's in the NICU "at this time" but are taking GN's in L&D so I interviewed for that position. They all semed like great hospitals and all pay way better than what I am being offered here in San Antonio. I won't move unless I know for sure I have a job lined up.
  5. by   medicalma'am
    Did you look at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Webster? It is not far from Pasadena Bayshore, and is a bigger hospital. It is in a really nice part of the Houston area for housing, amenities, restaurants, shopping without being 'in the city'.
  6. by   NeoNurseTX
    It seems a little late to be looking for a GN job - most places I think are done hiring them. Hah, I got a note from Hermann asking if I'd be around in Nov 08 as a GN and that I could work as a student nurse. I'm an RN so no thanks!
  7. by   rmfrier
    As a new graduate working at TCH, I highly recommend pursuing TExas Childrens. Here is why......It is the 4th best pediatric hospital in the Nation and it is rated the #3 place to work in Houston. TCH treats their employees very well and pay well too. I started working there as a PCA and transitioned into a nursing position that actually started this week. I took my boards last week and passed. It is very competitive and difficult to get on with TCH so if you have the opportunity, you jump on it. Trust me, you will absolutely love it. TCH pays for your parking, vanpools, or bus transportation. It is a great place to be as a new grad as it is a teaching hospital and the acuity is higher than the suburban hospitals. You will be exposed to many cultures, many disease processes, and innovative ways to do things. It is a good place to learn and start out and it looks good on the resume! If you can't get on at TCH, then I would definitely try somewhere in the medical center. This is strictly my opinion, but I look forward to going into work and love the people that I work with. This is very important. Hope this helps! Good luck!