Advice for job search as a new grad

  1. I graduated in December 2011 with my BSN and relocated from Kentucky to Dallas because of my husbands job. I thought finding a job here would be fairly easy since there were so many positions listed online. No one told me I would have to do an internship or residency. They have something similar back home but the hiring process isn't limited to January and June. I have great clinical experience. I did an externship at Kosair in Louisville in the PICU and have done volunteer work. I've passed boards and have my TX license now and I still seem to be getting no where. Any advice on applying, interviewing, etc to help me stand out and get a job.
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  3. by   jomajoma
    Hi! I am going to be relocating to Dallas in May as well because of my husbands transfer. I already started applying to jobs at Parkland, HCA,UT-Southwest. Baylor already is done for June, and JPS is opening their new graduate internships on March 21st, so just a heads up. I also have my BSN, along with a Masters and another bachelors in biochem. Despite that, I still have not landed an RN job in NY/NJ where I live. I am hoping and praying that it will be better in TX, but I know it is unlikely. Good luck to you! I will let you know if I get an interview.

    Hope this helps..
  4. by   not.done.yet
    You may have to try going outside of DFW and accept a long commute to get a position. Most of the positions filled at the major hospitals in the major cities are filled by internal applicants or those with inside connections. Very few direct applicants even get looked at right now due to the small number of positions that are available, the huge number of local nursing schools and the massive number of new grads out of work. Some of the more rural areas are more open to orienting new graduates. Try Texoma Medical Center, hospitals in places such as Sherman, Tyler, Denison and other smaller communities that aren't as easy of a distance. You'll have to put up with the commute, but you may get experience that could potentially help you get a position closer to home after a couple of years.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Please realize that Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding suburbs are being flooded with thousands of new grad RNs who are graduating from multiple local nursing schools each semester: TWU, TCU, UTA, El Centro, TCC, TVCC, Hill College, Weatherford College, Southwestern Adventist, NCTC, Navarro College, Grayson, Collin County College, Tarleton State, and many others. All of these nursing programs are churning masses of new nurses into a local job market that cannot absorb them all. There are not enough jobs for every new grad who wants a job.

    Since everyone (and their mama) seems to want hospital employment, you might want to look for work outside of a hospital setting in order to land that first job. The hiring practices tend to be more lenient at nursing homes, hospices, home health agencies, clinics, group homes, rehab centers, and psychiatric facilities. Also, pediatric private duty is burgeoning in the area.

    If you are really desperate for hospital work, your best bet is to commute to outlying 'country' hospitals such as Wise Regional, Hill Regional, Weatherford Regional, Texoma Medical Center, Trinity Mother Frances, Lake Granbury Medical Center, and so forth. Some people say, "I don't want to commute 1 hour to work each way!" However, the many of the same people who are not willing to make the sacrifice are still sitting at home without a job.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   jomajoma
    Thank you!! Im from NYC, so driving 1 hour as opposed to being on the subway for 1 hour is great for me. I will definitely look into these!!