ADN jobs in Houston Suburbs?

  1. I wasn't even considering ADN before, but now am just because the schooling schedule would be SO much more convenient with small children. I have a previous bachelors and would later do the RN-BSN program somewhere.

    Is the ADN program even worth it? The advisor I spoke with at TWU told me that even in the suburbs ADN grads aren't getting positions, but maybe that's her job to sway me to their BSN program . We live in Katy, so I would be trying to get a position in a Katy hospital, not the med center. I obviously don't want to go through school and then not be able to find a job.

    I searched this topic and all the threads were a few years old. I also called the local hospitals and left VM with HR people to ask about this, but so far only Texas Childrens West has replied. The lady said they are accepting ADNs but prefer BSNs.

    Thank in advance!
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  3. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    I would not say ADN/ASN new grads are not getting jobs, but it is getting very hard.

    My understanding is Methodist (any location) will not hire new grads unless you have a BSN.
    TCH West will hire ADN/ASN's but prefers BSN's, same for Memorial Hermann (Katy, Memorial City and Sugarland).
    Cy Fair Hospital does hire ADN/ASN, I know quite a few that have gotten hired there.

    They further out you go, the better chances of being hired (Bellville, Navasota, Columbus hospitals all hire new grad ADN/ASN's)
  4. by   HouTx
    The problem is - most of the suburban facilities are part of larger systems & those systems are only hiring BSN new grads. PP is correct, you will need to go farther out or look for an independent facility like Cy Fair.
  5. by   Kay8love
    Okay - thank you so much! I can only find so much info with my own research and it helps to hear what you insiders have to say!
  6. by   fitmomma
    Methodist Katy will hire ADN's, but prefer BSN's. Recently they had a freeze on hiring because they took over Christus and they acquired many nurses from there. I think it has something to do with magnet status. Memorial Hermann Katy hires ADN's too. I am not saying it would be easy to get a job as an ADN in Katy, only that it is absolutely possible. Having a BSN gives you much better chances at landing a job.
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  7. by   Kay8love
    Fit momma, are you currently working in one of the Katy hospitals? I decided to get a bsn or not go to school at all
  8. by   fitmomma
    No, I don't work at a hospital in Katy. Good luck on your journey! I am going to apply to an ADN program because it works better for me & my family. I plan to get my BSN online immediately following graduation, while hopefully working!
  9. by   Kay8love
    Sounds like we are in similar situations- I was planning on an ADN just because the programs worked so much better for us and our two little ones. Now I'm leaning towards UHVs 12 month bsn program. It sounds really intense, but my husband votes I just get it all over with quickly. Good luck!!