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Hi All, I am currently taking my pre req. for the TCC Nursing program. From everyone experience, would you suggest taking A & P I and Microbiology during the same semester? I know... Read More

  1. by   kponderRN
    taking 2 science classes at once is totally doable like everyone said. I took A&P II and microbiology at the same time this past semester and did well in both of them. Just make sure to research your teacher..maybe go to ratemyprofessor.com to try to get the best one.
  2. by   Soon2BRN1980
    Thank you both. I live by RATE MY PROFESSOR.com..... I didn't do it with my first set of classes, and I dropped Chemistry. I am going to work some things out. I work full-time; and I am a single mom. I am afraid of being over my head in work.
  3. by   The Dreamer
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    I HIGHLY recommend Mr. Foote for AP. I just finished his AP1 & AP2 online class. Made an A. I've taken AP before (on campus) and didnt do so well. If you read, do the work and stay organized - Mr. Foote's class is an easy A. And you know what? I learned WAY more in his class than I did with the other teachers. His reviews really force you to read the material. And the coolest part... you get your very own fetal pig to take home. lol
    Does Mr. Foote teach any A&P classes on campus, or is he only a DL teacher?
  4. by   Soon2BRN1980
    i know he have campus classes for the fall semester. tcc system is locked up right now, and i am unable to check if he have something other than online classes for the summer.
    check rate my professor. com. below is what others students had to say about durwood foote. hopefully it shows up, okay....
    dateclassehcri user comments professors add your rebuttal here4/13/09biol24013541 i took him for both a&p i & ii. both online classes, he is very helpful and is quick to respond to emails. i would highly recommend him for online class, but you must be self disciplined. he will not baby you and lets you know that at orientation. great teacher!12/10/08biol24022534 i thought mr. foote was an outstanding teacher. i, too, had him for an online class, and have to disagree with the previous poster. i think if you actually do what he asks - the study guides, etc. - you learn a lot. when you take an online class, there's a little personal responsibility that goes with it. mr. foote is great!11/17/08biol24013333 i took him online...nice teacher, tests are fairly easy, however if you want to really learn something(to pass the teas test,especially),don't take his online classes, go to the campus instead!!!4/11/07bio24011224 very dificult!!! unclear on what you are doing. i took him for lab only and he lectured most of the time. i didn't enjoy it at all.1/23/06a&p5555 very funny, down to earth, explains well, easy to get along with, great teacher!
  5. by   Soon2BRN1980
    I was able to check and he shows for DL (online classes) I show him for Lab only.
  6. by   Soon2BRN1980
    Have anyone ever taken a ITV course at TCC? I want to take one, but I do not know what to expect, or how it works? Please advise..... TY
  7. by   stacygirl
    Quote from Soon2BRN1980
    Have anyone ever taken a ITV course at TCC? I want to take one, but I do not know what to expect, or how it works? Please advise..... TY
    I took Psych 2 ITV course. Its pretty much just like taking an online course - you read the textbook material but you also watch videos online.
  8. by   RNJD77
    I took A &P I and chemistry during the same semester, and A&P II and Microbiology during this past semester along with 3 other classes and i got A's in them all;However, A&P II is alot more difficult seeing that that first A P just deals with anatomy and the 2nd one is more physiology which means more detailed and harder to comprehend.But It's not that bad just prepare to study!You can do it!

    Also,I would suggest taking a moderately hard A&P I and II teacher because I hear we're really going need to know it for nursing school.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   The Dreamer
    What professors did you have for your Science classes??
  10. by   RNJD77
    Well I look my science classes at HCC,I'm not sure where you guys are taking your prerequisities,but i tried to find the hardest teachers in the classes I knew i needed to learn very well.For AP I and II i took Mr.Wiersema he was very hard,but a good teacher.Chem i took Mr.Palivon, he was like the head of the department so he was moderatly hard,not ridiculous are anything.Mico, i took Hebel she was easy.
  11. by   The Dreamer
    :smackingf Sorry, I am taking classes at TCC. Typically the Northeast campus, however I am taking a class at the Northwest campus Summer session I.
  12. by   RNJD77
    What's TCC? oh yes if your taking classes at HCC's Northwest campus look for Nazinin Hebel for Microbiology. She's super easy and very nice if you want an easy teacher for Micro.
  13. by   The Dreamer
    TCC is Tarrant County College, with campuses spread throughout Fort Worth, Hurst, and Arlington.