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do you have a BSN or an ADN? I am pretty sure they are looking to only hire BSN's regardless of experience. Have you looked at working at Memorial Hermann Children's hospital?


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I have BSN. I did my clinicals at TCH. What can I do? Please help. I will look at hermann. Thanks


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TCH is famous for not calling people back, regardless of how qualified they are.

A great nurse that I worked with applied there looking for a new job - it took them over 4 months before contacting her.

I dont know if its their HR dept, or if they are overwhelmed or what, but they are def. famous for this.

Curious, which depts are you applying to?? PICU, NICU, etc?


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I had read before on this forum from someone who also wanted to work at TCH and she had said that she was calling their nursing recuiter almost every week or day? but she basically said that she had to "bug" them until they finally called her and she was able to get in there, she now works for them. so try that! LOL!


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Thank you :) everyone

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I quickly learned that "Contact us here!" links on Hospital websites are rarely monitored, and rarely responded to.

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