Texas - Can they do this?


Hi....maybe someone can answer this for me. I understand hospitals experience low census, especially during the warmer months. But as a newer employee with no pto left, I continue to be put on-call. In 6 weeks, I've been put on call 3 times. Not having pto, I do not get paid at all, now over $1000 lost on pay. The last 2 times, being on call, they've allowed an agency nurse to work on the floor I work, while I sit home without pay. Can they do this and where do I look for answers/policies/direction? Thank you!

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Yes, your shifts can be cancelled due to low census. I assume you are working in Texas based on the title of this discussion. If you are in Texas, you certainly do not have union protections that would prevent this from happening because the hospitals here are vehemently against unionization.

If the cancellations are creating financial hardship, you may wish to obtain a per diem/PRN position at another facility as a way to earn money during these times. Good luck to you!


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Happens all the time. What The Commuter suggested is a good idea.


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Many states have adopted policies which put their citizens at the mercy of corporate interests by eliminating collective bargaining.

Vote carefully next election.


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Hell will freeze over before the mighty state of Texas will allow unions for nursing.

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The reason the agency nurse worked is that the hospital pays them whether they work or not - it's in the contract with the agency.

This is the exact reason why I have three jobs.