Texas BON- How fast? And PVT

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So I took my NCLEX yesterday at 8 am. Screen went off at 79 on a SATA and I basically wanted to DIE. lol. I was a little worried because my didn't have a jillion SATA, or really difficult drugs. It was a lot of judgement, prioritizing type questions. I was scared it wasn't hard enough- not because I knew everything, but because several other people said they had SO many completely off the wall drugs/questions- I didn't :(

I did the PVT 1 hour after, several times yesterday, and this morning (24 hours after) and am getting the good pop up everytime. Soooo, I SO hope that is a good thing. We only get one chance to pass- otherwise we lose our internship :dead:

Wondering how fast the Texas BON posts your license, and how do I find it? Just the normal search?

So so hoping I will see SOMETHING today, otherwise will get my quick results in the morning

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It's usually within 48 hours.


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Hi, OP! Please do yourself a HUGE favor, and stop doing the PVT. Considering how often it's now happening that people ARE getting charges and charge attempts with multiple submissions of financial data, you're ahead of the game in NOT having had this happen to you (yet).

The more you do it, the more you increase the likelihood that PV will, at some point, charge your card. If you are using an invalid card, you will get the "card declined" message, and take this to mean you failed---and it's unlikely you failed!

You can pay eight bucks for OFFICIAL results from PV, via Quick Results. If the BoN posts sooner than that, GREAT! If not....resist the urge to do the PVT again, and just wait for official results :)

Good luck!

I have been doing PVT with a valid Visa gift card with 0.20 cents left on it! Using all valid numbers. Good idea if anyone is looking.

I've read all the PVT threads and know the risk I am taking..... hoping it's right though :)


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I'm glad you're not risking money....REALLY I am! But make sure you'll be ok with getting a message that tells you "card declined" or "insufficient funds" or "contact your bank", etc. Will you still be ok with wondering if that means you failed instead of passed? If so....keep at it. If not.....you might want to just stop while you're ahead! :)

Well guys I PASSED! Best day of my life!! The PVT did work for me, both and hour and 24 hours out! Texas BON has still not posted to their site 48 hrs later, but my quick results were a pass! Thanks to everyone on this board, I have gotten so much out of reading all the posts