Test Cut Off at 140, Last Question Correct, BUT can you still FAIL?


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I just took the NCLEX Exam again yesterday. The questions did not seem at the Highest Level of Difficulty, as they did before. The Computer Shut Off at around 140, after 2 1/2 hours. I answered the last question correctly, I Know for a Fact, because I Triple Checked the answer when I returned home. Can you still fail even though the test did not go all the way up to 265 Questions? I Just don't Trust this Exam, because it is so UNPREDICTABLE!:eek: The last time I took it, I went to 265 Questions, & the last question was correct, but I still Failed. I Know that I answered the last question correctly. Can you still fail the exam, based on this? I was always told that if the last Question was answered correctly, then you will pass. What about thes "Experimental questions"? I read that there are 15 of them, & that they are not scored or counted. I hope this last Question that I answered was not considered one of them. If anyone knows the answer to this, Please reply. Thanks In Advance!


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is it the nclex rn and did you do suzannes plan

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Honest, you just can not predict this exam. Best thing to do is relax and get out of the house :) Good luck

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