So, I take my NCLEX later this week and I am honestly losing my mind over it.

I really haven't had a lot of time to study, due to some life circumstances. I'm trying to make the best of it and basically belly-flop into UWorld and hope for the best between that and the HURST videos, but I'm not sold on my success. Right now I'm hovering at a 63% in the Uworld bank (I've completed around 900 questions) and I just took a HURST practice test or whatever I only scored 68/125. I mean granted it's like 2am but I would hope that even in the still of the night, I am competent enough to do better.

It's not the end of the world if I fail and I know I won't necessarily get fired (but I can't start working my new job, either), but I just want to get this thing done and not have to endure the horrifying embarrassment of failing (this is personal to me and I swear I have never judged a soul for failing).

For stats: I am a mediocre student, I am an okay-isn test-taker, I feel totally overwhelmed with the insane amount of information I'm trying to swallow right now, I HATE pharm and SATAs and I've eaten about 10 large pieces of chocolate today to inappropriately handle my anxiety.

If anyone has any tips or soothing words or anything that can maybe make me feel like I am not a brainless monster and have some snowballs chance in hell of passing this thing, I would be very appreciative.

Also I think I am one of the rare few that isn't wild about HURST. I get what they are trying to do and you can only squeeze so much content into three days, but boy is it basic. I mean I don't have some megamind that can house incredible amounts of information or anything, but I haven't felt that the videos are doing anything super helpful for me.

If you made it to the end of this, you probably passed NCLEX.


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I did pass and hated the whole thing. I hated Hurst as well. Didn't work for me. Here is my advice: be intentional. Do you need content? Truly? If not get off of Hurst. I feel practicing questions helps, you get content in the questions and when you get to something you are unsure of you can make a list of stuff to quickly look up after you finish your questions. If you are in crunch time, you need to be very intentional with your time and efforts. I studied for 7 days that's it. Don't throw darts at the board and hope you hit it.

Take care of yourself-good food, water, walk, and clear your mind. You haven't come all this way to be okay with failing. Good luck!

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The HURST live review was the ONLYstudying I did for NCLEX. And I only did the live review because I am a lazy student and knew I would not study at all without it. In my opinion, you know what you know, nursing school should prepare you for NCLEX without hours and hours of super in depth studying. You know more than you think you do. My exam shut off at 75 questions and I was convinced I had failed. Until my mother called me at 8am the next morning screeching that I had passed, oi. My best advice? Have plans the night after. Pass or fail, I went out that night with an old friend and it was great to be able to take my mind off of everything and just have a good time.