Union vs. U of M?

  1. Hey everyone. I am working on my prereqs for nursing school and I am wondering if anyone went to either Union in Memphis or the University of Memphis? I have heard that the U of M is a really good school but it is also a two year program, and at Union I could be done with a year. Anyway if anyone could help me that would be great, thanks!
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  3. by   TraumaICURN
    I went to the U of M, and it is a two-year program. Union has a 14 month accelerated program, but you have to have at least 24 college credits, and be 24 years old to be considered.
  4. by   vertigo1022
    Depending on when you start the program at the University of Memphis, it is possible to graduate in just a year and a half. Be warned, though, it is incredibly tough. I had a couple friends who did it so it can work. Just means taking a lot of summer classes as well and you have to start in the Fall, can't do it if you start in the Spring semester. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions about U of M, just send me a private message. I graduated from the program and would be glad to help.
  5. by   Lisa CCU RN
    You may be done in a year at Union, but it is accelerated. We have a fast fast track at U of M and the students in it looked frazzled to me!

    I regular fast tracked and I think it totally burned me out because now I don't want to do anything at all.
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    Union's accelerated is rough.
  7. by   Rage
    I'm accelerated at Carson-Newman. Read as accelerated being no summer breaks. You get a month at CN during the summer because they jam a 15 weeks semester into 10 weeks (try ob/gyn and peds in 10). Flip side is that I will have my BSN at the same time as the Jan regular class.......accelerated starts in fall semester.
    But more than the nursing program is the pre-requisite requirement. Unless you have a articulation agreement with a university from a community college then you'll have to satisfy the university's pre-requisites which means pulling more time in the wooden seat other than nursing.