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  1. Hi everyone, I just got admitted to a nursing school in Tennessee, USA. I was so excited that my hardwork paid off and I get to start my career. Unfortunately I went for the orientation & I got a bombshell, I can't continue until I get a 3rd dose of hepatitis B shot.. This is really disheartening & derailing to my plans.. I was advised to go drop because I can't continue until the shots are complete.. Please I need advise on Wht I can do, I have registered, paid & bought stuffs... Please help me I don't want to wait till fall semester..
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  3. by   Camwill
    Get the third shot...
  4. by   Ola76
    Its already scheduled, but as it is I will miss the start of class by the third dose... Is their any waiver I can request to allow me continue?
  5. by   Camwill
    I believe your school would have informed you if there was a wavier you could get. My only suggestion is to get the shot earlier if possible. Go to the health department and see if they can give you that dose before your classes start!! I wish that you had received your shots earlier, it sucks that this may keep you from starting!
  6. by   Sparrow91
    Isn't your immunization compliancey part of what gets you accepted into the program? Who advised you to drop? If it was your advisor, I would move up the ladder to the DON of the program, if it was the DON you may not have much choice. I was told after I was accepted that the Hep B series had to be started befor classes and that one should to try to have them completed by the time clinicals start. Like I said I would talk to the DON of the program and show them that you have at least started the series and let her know when they should be completed.
  7. by   RunnerRN2015
    When is your 3rd shot due? Can you have a titer drawn to see if you already have enough antibodies? In all of your paperwork, did it mention needing all of your immunizations before class started?
  8. by   thelittledoe
    A few of the nursing programs that I'm looking at will admit you to the program and you can start the program so long as you have your first two Hep B shots and so long as you receive your third on schedule during your clinicals. Sorry to hear about this.
  9. by   serenitylove14
    Usually you dont have clinicals the first semester, atleast at my school. But I do remember them telling us something similar. I would ask the DON if she says no go then you will have to drop or get the shot and titer early. Thats just part of being in nursing school, you have to be aware of ALL of the policies or you will get dropped or fail a class. This isnt a good start... But hopefully it will workout.
  10. by   Ola76
    Thank you all for your responses.. It was the DON that advised dropping, but I did my titer today... Fingers crossed.. Once again I appreciate you all...

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