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  1. Anyone here have any advice on the Jefferson City area? I live in Florida currently and have been accepted to an LPN-BSN bridge at Carson-Newman...Just wondering about the area.
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  3. by   melbug57
    Hey there! I am currently in the Acclerated BSN program at Carson-newman! I live in Knoxville however, so i do not have a lot to offer about the Jefferson City area. it is very small and will be a big change from Florida! Carson Newman has been a wonderful experince for me. The staff is great and they are very into making their students' experince good! if you have any questions feel free to send me a private message! Good luck!

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  4. by   FNP to be!
    I am applying to CN & really hope it works out. I live in Knoxville too - how often do you have to drive and is it a bad drive? I already have a bachelor's and am old so I would be interested in the Acclerated BSN too. Any basic info you can give me?
  5. by   BabyLady
    I have friends that live in the area...if you want to save money, East Tennessee State University has just started an LPN to BSN bridge as well that is brand new.

    Something to consider.
  6. by   itsmyturn
    I agree about the money difference concerning ETSU and Carson. I live 15 minutes from Jefferson City. If my chosen school was based on cities, well Johnson city has much more to offer and it is very pretty over there.

    Jefferson city is very small that most people go to the neighboring city called Morristown or they go to Knoxville which is about 45 min from Jefferson City. There is a Wal-mart(prices higher at this store than Knoxville Wal-mart) and 2 grocery stores and a Tractor Supply company. Lowes also just built behind Wal-mart. A few typical fast food restaurants and that is it. Like I said, most people go to Knoxville or Morristown for better shopping. Morristown has a Wal-mart as well but is on the outskirts of town on the far side and they also have a mall but it is slowly dying.

    I moved from Florida as prepared for a small town that has outer lying farms that mainly grow tomatoes. Jefferson city and Morristown have become major cities for the migrant workers who care for the tomato farms. It still has a lot of growing to do but with Knoxville being only 30 min away, that fact may hinder the growing spurt for Jefferson city.

    Imo, you would probably be much happier with ETSU who now offers a lot of flexibility concerning their LPN-BSN program. I have a friend that lives in Knoxville and drives there once a week, attends all of her classes on Friday which frees up her week for working and studying. so far she likes it. She has even been offered to be able to come up on Friday and spend the night by renting a dorm there and returning on Sat. It takes her 3 1/2 hrs to drive there. It is beautiful over there in the Cumberland plateau...check it out. If you have your pre-reqs for R.N., I believe you can get your BSN thru them in 3 semesters. they really worked with her to get her schedule suited to her needs. Good luck to you!
  7. by   remedialone
    I have recently been accepted to the post-bacholorette nursing program @ carson newman. I've wanted to move to TN permanantly for sometime. However I am from boston, ma. I will be a full time student. I hear it's a pretty good school, but I'm curious about the surrounding areas what are the closest towns, shopping centers, activtities (e.g bowling etc...) I will most likely live on campus during my 1st semester but look into renting after settling in. From what I hear Jefferson City is a small rural like town. Are there any recommendations of surrounding cities to live with reasonable rent rates and close to shops, movie theatre, christian church, and short distance from the school. I heard knoxville is ok about 30 minutes away. Any suggestions from what I mentioned here?
  8. by   silverbluwaters
    Are you starting at Carson-Newman this fall?
    I have been accepted too and want to do the accelerated program but I still need some of my pre-reqs. SO I'll do some there and hopefully start this coming January.
    I'm 23 and married and found out they dont have married housing anymore there, so I have to try to find somewhere to live.
    I'm from Michigan.
    Hope everything goes well with your transition there.
  9. by   remedialone
    Hi silverbluleaf,

    I am aiming to start in the spring. Will u be taking your remaining prereqs @ carson? What I did was take the major prereqs like A+P, Micro, Stat, human growth @ local community colleges in my area, besides it was cheaper in the long run and helps in terms of focusing more on the actual nursing classes later on. I didn't know if they offered community housing or not there. Have u visited the campus yet for a tour? I will definately have to make a trip down there to get an idea of the area especially with transitioning from one state to another.Good luck with everything.
  10. by   silverbluwaters
    This fall I'm taking some of the pre-reqs, just biology and chem here at the community college, (i was going to do a&p as well but they were full when i went to sign up) then i plan on taking a&p and microbiology at CN...They suggested I start earlier because I need the bible classes they require. No I haven't gone to check out the campus.. I don't think I'll be able to before I actually go there. How old are you (if you dont mind my asking)?
    Have you gotten accepted to the nursing program yet? I've just applied to the college so far...
    What made you choose to look out of state and Carson-Newman?
  11. by   remedialone
    Hi Silverbluleaf,

    Great strategy, in terms of your classes. You should be fine. Just concentrate on completing the science courses that you will be taking this fall prior to CN and the remaining courses should be a breeze when you take them there.
    I think I may be required to take a religion course also as the remaining pre-req. I already have an undergrad degree in Bio which helped alot. And yes, I did get into the nursing program. I am 31 and going back to school, LOL! Hey, it's never too late to keep learning. Although, people often mistaken me to be in my early to mid-twenties (that's definately a good thing!).
    I actually did a directory search for nursing schools in TN and I liked the program at Carson and also noticed that it was a Christian school (that's a plus for me) it seemed like a great fit to what I was looking for. Plus, I did eventually wanted to relocate to TN at some point so that's 2 birds with one stone. Although, I must say that it will definately be quite a change from the city life that I'm use to from what I hear about the location. Well, I guess I have quite a bit of transitioning to do.
  12. by   silverbluwaters
    What makes you want to relocate to TN? Have you been there?
    I've never been there but have heard its beautiful. Also I found that I'd be able to finish sooner with this program rather than doing a program in Michigan (they have way more pre-reqs).
    I am working right now at a doctors office and i really like it.
    I feel kinda crazy because i'm almost done with my bachelors in psychology but im switching last minute to nursing.
    My classes start next week and im kinda nervous about taking 2 science courses :/ but hopefully i'll do well.
  13. by   Jhendrix11
    hello all! i signed up for this allnurses thing because i was meaning to look up students who are at carson- newman and majoring in nursing.

    ok so here goes, i’m a senior and home schooled (in high school of course) and so this is allowing me to graduate early as of dec 15. this meaning i will be attending a local junior college in my flordia town. my plan is to take a few classes mainly college alg, eng comp, nutrient, and microbio. and then hopefully enroll at c-n next fall. my question here is that i want to major in nursing and the air force rotc. i no that i can get a scholarship that the afrotc will pay for everything. how can i go about appling for the scholarship and what is the best way to go about it. i’ve already emailed the man that c-n gave me and he said i could apply for the highschool scholarship, but unfortunately i can not because as of january i will be a college student.
    also is anyone in the air force rotc and majoring in nursing if so please help me with some information or if you no anyone that is please pm me
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  14. by   adnornilknarf
    Hey there, found your post. I live in West Knoxville and will be starting the LPN to BSN accelerated program at CN in August. I'm registered for 16 credits. YIKES! How far in to the program are you?

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