Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College 2012 Fall Hopefuls - page 30

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today... Read More

  1. by   Mattie2012
    I keep checking paws. I thought we would know right away, but I guess not
  2. by   cookieamber
    Ugh I did too especially with Mrs. C being there!
  3. by   cookieamber
    the grades are up!
  4. by   ISparkle
    i passed!!! thank you god, i was so scared because that exam was confusing and i felt like i read all those chapters for nothing.....
  5. by   tres1208
    What form do we use to do the health history assignment that is due in clinicalso this wk?
  6. by   Mattie2012
    Went and got a flu shot today, my Dr recommended I have it for clinical. I had better not catch the flu! Please can I stop getting the shots, I think it is my turn to give some
  7. by   Mattie2012
    Ok, all you Friday clinical students, lets hear how it went
  8. by   Mattie2012
    I hope everyone did well on the final. We have one more exam, then we can relax.

    Merry Christmas!
  9. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    Hi guys, relatively new to the boards. I was hoping to chat with some people currently enrolled in Nursing School while working full time. I work full time and have a desire to enroll in an evening/weekend RN program. I currently have 99 credit hours under my belt, am attending college part time online, and have an Associates of Science Degree. I do still need to take A&P I & II. My gpa is 3.04 at the moment but will improve as soon as last semesters grades are added to my transcript. I am enrolled in Northwest at the moment, but they do not have an evening nursing program. I would like to take A&P at Northwest before I transfer to another school because of its location to my home and cheaper tuition rates. Does anyone know if those courses would trasfer from NW to SW? Also, as I said above, would love to hear from folks working full time and tackling the RN program, how difficult is it to find time to get all of your work completed? Does the college frown upon folks working full time while in the program? My wife is currently enrolled in the RN to BSN program at CBU. She has been a Nurse for 28 years and graduated from the former Methodist School of Nursing.