Calling all SOUTHWEST Tennessee Community College Fall 2011 Hopefuls!!!

  1. Hi! I'm going crazy in suspense waiting to hear if I am accepted or not. Is anyone else trying for the fall 2011 semester at Southwest Tennessee Community College? How are ya feeling? I'm sweating bullets! Need some buddies on here!
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  3. by   Memphish
    I'm waiting to hear as well. I am anxious to get started, but not too worried about getting accepted after reviewing some of the GPA's and NLN scores of others that were accepted. I actually applied for the spring semester before finishing Micro just to see if I would get lucky, but no such luck.
  4. by   girlshunt2
    I talked to a lady in the nursing department before Christmas- she didn't know the lowest accepted index score for spring but did add that everyone accepted had all A's in their pre-reqs... which has me a bit nervous-I have 2 B's and and A. I think my index is about a 53 which seems to be on the verge of the lower end compared to what is possible. I just can't stand suspense! Do you know anyone else that applied? The Spring hopefuls had a good thread going on here. I was hoping we'd have the same waiting game fun, lol...
  5. by   Memphish
    I don't personally know anyone applying this semester that I am aware of. Everyone I know got in this spring, hence the reason I applied without all the pre-reqs.
    From what I have heard, the spring semester was one of the most competitive ever. Don't know if that is a trend or an anomaly. Typically the Fall semester is less competitive due to the higher demand for nights/weekends.
    As for this thread being less active, that may mean a good thing; less competition.
  6. by   girlshunt2
    I like the way you think! Less activity, less competition I also hear that this past applicant group was the most competitive they've had- I think they accpeted 68 students.... Heard anything yet, lol? Just kidding- but at least now we're within the month!!!
  7. by   Memphish
    It shouldn't be too long before we hear something now. Classes will be starting before you know it.
  8. by   grpman
    I'm in the waiting line too. I just hope I didn't fill out the cell phone number wrong on the applicastion and miss that special phone call. Well, i wish all of you on the thread good luck and hopefully I'll see you in a few months.
  9. by   Memphish
    Welcome. If you see someone post they were accepted and you haven't received a call saying you were or a letter saying you weren't, then it would be time to call.
  10. by   grpman
    thanks for the advise. I am still not sure I will accept even if I do make the cut. My wife is trying to go back to work full-time and if she doesn't get a job then I must keep working. The daytime hours just won't let me do it. I'll either finish up my bachelors or wait for spring. So, we'll see.
  11. by   Memphish
    Well good luck.

    Am I premature by buying books already? I thought I could find some cheap in between semesters.
  12. by   grpman
    Get this. I get a call from a Mrs. **** from Southwest friday saying that she was unable to locate my transcripts from two other colleges and would need them b/c the selection committee would be making choices for approval on the 14th. She said I could bring her unofficial copies and then resend my official copies later b/c they needed to look at my grades pronto.

    Now, they already have recieved my transcripts once when i first started taking classes last summer. So I asked if they had "lost" them. She said "no" we just can't find them and I have people looking for them at the Macon branch but they "just can't find them." So I tell her i will bring her new copies which I had printed off a few months ago from the Southwest website that included my grades from the other two colleges.

    So today (Monday) I wake up and get in the car to bring her the copies and call her while driving to make sure I have the right room number for where her office is. She then tells me that "I did not listen to her" and that she told me that I needed to go to the individual universities and get the unofficial copies and then bring them to her. I told her that she was wrong but that i would take off work to go get those copies since they were lost. She corrected me and said they were not "lost", but that they just could not be found....??????????????

    So, not wanting to take off work like an ordinary dad who needs money for his children, I then call Southwest and ask for the transcript dept. and tell them that Mrs. **** said my transcripts were "lost". They tell me that i would recieve a call shortly concerning the issue while they do some research. Mrs. **** calls me back 10 minutes later in a bad mood and stated that the transcript dept. called her and said they have my transcripts. She then said I got her in trouble b/c i said they were lost and she never said that. She said it was never lost, but they just could not find them. I replied that the definition of lost is when you have something and are unable to find it. She says I'm wrong and I asked her to look the word up in the dictionary if she really thinks I'm that wrong. She then gets off the phone with me while acting very irritated.

    I learned a few things. Either Mrs. **** is not very bright or she is insanely stubborn. Also, she originally said that I wasn't the only one with this problem. So if it happens to you don't follow her advice. Call transcripts first. And finally....the selection process starts the 14th.

    Good luck.
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  13. by   girlshunt2
    @ grpman: It sounds like standard administration to me... Sorry you had to go through all that headache. At least it worked out- do you think I should call and make sure they have all my stuff?? I hope I haven't missed a call or anything, ugh, stomach already in a knot! So the 14th, huh? (stomach turn again) I wonder how long after that they will start calling.
    @memphis- I think you're fine buying your books-your index score is really good. Personally I don't see anything trivial about your acceptance-I think you're a shoe in... In some of the other forums, there are posts telling you which ones you use and really need, etc. If accepted, I, too, am going to hit the books early and do as much as I can over the summer to get ahead since I won't be in classes.

    So does anyone know how soon after (if) we get the acceptance call the orientation is... or how soon all the cpr, drug screen, background check, immunizations, etc. have to be done? Do we have over the summer or is it all due right after we get "the call". Trying to figure out how long I have and how I'm going to budget all the fees.
  14. by   Memphish
    @grpman: I haven't dealt with Mrs. **** directly, but that sounds like the usual experience with Southwest. I had to send my HS transcripts 3 times in the last year despite the fact I received a Criminal Justice degree from Southwest 10 years ago.

    @girlshunt2: I found that thread and bought most of the books recommended as opposed to the list provided by SW. Buying the books in between semesters seems to be a great idea. So far I have bought 6 books and only spent $150. It takes a little time scouring the internet, but cheap books are out there.
    As for the cpr, drug screen, etc., you have at least until the semester starts to have everything complete from what I have heard.
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