working triage for Humana

  1. Does anyone work for Humana as a "personal nurse"? What has been your experience? Is this a good company to work for? I just applied for this position. It's triage from home.
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  3. by   LittleWing21
    I'm thinking of applying as well! Personal Health RN? Hope you get some feedback
  4. by   ebear
  5. by   LittleWing21
    While no one has answered here, I've found some disheartening info on another forum saying that it's not a very good company to work for Who knows though, could just be their opinion!
  6. by   ebear
    Thanks for your reply, LittleWing21!
  7. by   jenmeister7
    I have also applied for the Personal Nurse-Work at Home position with Humana but have not heard anything from them. I keep logging in to check my application status but it never changes. Has anyone had any luck getting an interview with them? It's impossible to talk with any of the HR recruiters. I meet all the requirements, so I'm not sure why I haven't gotten to interview. The position is still posted so I assume they are still hiring. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. by   gillymomma84
    I applied for that job too!
  9. by   jenmeister7
    Has anyone been able to interview with Humana? I would like to know some information on the personal nurse position.
  10. by   stephmj
    My mom's friend worked for them and she left because she said certain things were unethical in her mind.... this was a few years ago mind you and I'm not sure which dept she worked in but she is a nurse.
  11. by   Marisette
    I saw an add for Humana for a triage RN, work from home. RN must be able to get licensure in multiple states. Is this the same as the "personal Nurse" position. I've read a number of reviews indicating the utilization review or case management jobs can have large caseloads. I wonder if the triage RN position have caseloads?
  12. by   waiverrn
    When you all say triage are you talking about telecommute positions or two different things?