1. I am interviewing for a telephone triage position in San Diego. I have 20 years experience, all areas of nursing. Does anyone know what I can expect for an offer?
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  3. by   eltrip
    Salaries vary from region to region...and even city to city. Some places pay the sames as what a nurse in direct pt. care. Other (like mine) pay less.
  4. by   RN2007
    Will some of you give of some idea of how much you are paid for this type of telephone triage nursing and the state you are in? Also what is a typical day like working this way?
  5. by   eltrip
    I work in Tennessee. With 9 years of exp., I am paid as a non-bedside nurse and earn approx. 4,000 less than a bedside nurse at the same facility.

    Years of experience and the determination of whether telephone triage is as vital to the insitution as bedside nursing are largely what determines salary.

    A typical day varies. I open our office most mornings. We answer calls, and work on various projects as time permits. Mondays are busiest for us...Fridays the lightest (usually). We wear many hats & remain well-occupied most days.
  6. by   Audreyfay
    hopefully...a job?
  7. by   Audreyfay
    Sorry.....I just couldn't resist. I get paid what a typical outpatient clinic nurse would get paid. So, if you are able to find the base pay in your area for an outpatient clinic nurse, I bet you have the range nailed down.
  8. by   teeituptom
    The definition of enough is just wanting a little bit more
  9. by   Going80INA55
    I would also say it varies on area. I have checked a few in my area and they seem to pay the bottom end of what someone would get at bedside nursing.

    There are trade offs for any job and believe the triage jobs know they can pay less and the nurses will still work for them. Less stress, regular hours, no physical patient contact. The list goes on.
  10. by   SnowyL
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  11. by   Shotzie
    OK, why all the subterfuge? I'd like to see some real numbers.
    I work in the Houston, Texas metropolitan area and do triage in a large non-hospital group.
    All of our nurses have more than 15 years of experience, most have more than 20 years. On average we make about $28-$29 per hour plus differential for shifts and weekends.
    There is a hospital based group of telephone triage nurses who make more than we do, they make about $30-$34 per hour but they do not have the easiest work environment or situation.
    Our cost of living is not high here, No state income tax, low housing costs so I think I make a great salary for a clean, safe environment where I get to use all my nursing experience to assess, triage and assign appropriate advice. I've done all kinds of nursing, Er, ICU, Outpatient Clinic, but this is by far the most positive type of nursing I've ever done.
  12. by   SHERCAT
    I work for large managed care corp. here in Atlanta. My wage for this yr. is 75,000. I like the lower cost of living here- I am from S.Cal and could not even think about buying a home. The 1st yr. I was here I went out and bought my dream home! Quality of life got better, definately got better.
  13. by   MST
    HI shercat,

    I work with you in ga. I do not make as much as you but you work more than me. I usually make 50- 60k for telephone triage.
  14. by   SnowyL
    ok, why all the subterfuge?
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