Has anyone gone through the Kaiser background check?

  1. So I just applied for a Kaiser advice nurse position. So far, so good, I've passed the triage test and the customer service test, but my background check is still pending. My background is clean except for some speeding tickets. It seems to be taking forever! Also, they outsource the background check to LexisNexis and I swear every day they're asking me to send them a copy of a W2 or paystub for jobs that I've had years ago. Luckily I still have my W2s and some paystubs, but I can't figure out why they need all this stuff. Has anyone else gotten a job with Kaiser recently? Is the extensive background check normal? I'm getting nervous even though I know I have nothing to hide!
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  3. by   Genista
    Hi there. Many employers do background checks these days. It takes about a week or so to process. I think you could ask for a complimentary copy of the report. I hope you got the job you are seeking. Good luck!!
  4. by   Delmarkid02
    Hi congrats on the job offer. I am going through the same thing with kaiser. I got the job offer pending background and drug test. It's been about a week and a half and I know I just need to be patient with nothing to hide. Just wondering about how long the process ended up taking. Thanks (reason being saw some bad reviews on lexis nexis)

    Thanks for any input !
  5. by   cbcle
    Hi there. Congrats on your offer as well! The background check ended up taking about 3 weeks from start to finish. Gather all of your paystubs and W2s because they do follow up and ask for documentation for each job you've had no matter how small. It all ended up being fine, just tedious. Thank goodness I keep all that stuff. Did you do your PBDS test yet?
  6. by   Been there,done that
    I have had the honor of working at Kaiser. Sorry your background check is taking so long. I think speeding tickets do not apply! They checked everything.. including my credit report.
    Try to relax.. enjoy working for a very fine institution.
  7. by   chels2386
    Hi i just recently got hired at Kaiser and the background check is a pain in the you know what. I would suggest what I did and call the HR department and say something to the point of " I don't have all my w2, what do you think i should do." I did this and the lady at the HR basically made sure she had what she needed and cleared me. I guess lexis nexis is just kinda of a crazy company as far as background checks go! I am officially hired on! CONGRATS
  8. by   Delmarkid02
    Thanks for the info as well. I passed the background check and have finally been hired. I sent in whatever info I had and tried to retrieve. When I finally got a copy of my background check I noticed some of the information Lexis Nexis gathered were not accurate and marked as a discrepancy. Being that I was still marked as passing the background check I don't see any reason in having to clear it up. One thing I did notice that all communication emailed back and forth between you and lexis nexis is reported on the background check. So making efforts to try to obtain information is noted. With all that said and done it was a long process but I happy to say its over and now the new career begins!! Congrats to you all!! (Total Hiring Process from offer to processing... just over 3 weeks.)
  9. by   RN6617
    Hi all, I know this is an old post, but I just got hired with Kaiser as an advice nurse and I was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas of what to review before the PBDS test? Ive searched the internet but it seems all material is geared toward the PBDS test they give you for floor nursing, not advice/telephone triage. Thanks for any help!
  10. by   MA Nurse
    Not even sure what test that is. are you still working as an advice nurse? Do you like it?
  11. by   GaNurse4U
    I applied to Kaiser a couple of weeks ago. I made a guess as to what my pay was over the past 20 years as I do not have pay studs that old and honestly don't remember what my pay was. Does the pay history have to be exact? My most current pay is accurate. I also made a guess on my GPA from college. I graduated with academic honors but I do not remember my GPA. Please advise and thank you for reading my post.
  12. by   lomas
    Sorry....this is old. I have been trying to get through their RIDICULOUS background check process for over 4 WEEKS now!! What the hell Kaiser's problem? I NEVER have to wait more than one week. During this time, I had to furnish them with W2s, pay stubs, diplomas. HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE A PHONE CALL??? Unbelievable!

    My hiring manager is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED with Kaiser's background check company that seems to be run by a bunch of chimps.

    "It takes about a week?" UH NO...it's more like OVER A MONTH...IF YOU'RE LUCKY.
  13. by   stelarRN
    I'd like to know how you were able to apply for Kaiser's advice nurse position? Did you just look on their careers site often or did you know someone? Would love to apply for that position in the future.
  14. by   lomas
    It is not week 5. The background check is 'Still Processing.' Has anyone else experienced this with Kaiser? Why five weeks? Every other major medical corporation is two max. Anybody?