Annual Raise

  1. Hi all,
    I am due for my first annual raise in triage nursing. I am not in a hospital based program. I work for an insurer.
    I was wondering if I could expect the typical 2-4% raise as it was when I worked bedside hospital nursing?
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  3. by   Audreyfay
    I just got a 5% raise! Happy I be!
  4. by   Going80INA55
    Well, I finally got my raise. I guess I got lucky I got a 5% as well.
  5. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    We got our annual raise in November. A grand total of 5 cents! Here's the was just enough to put me into a higher tax bracket, so now I bring home less than before the stinkin raise!!
  6. by   Going80INA55
    That is HORRIBLE!!!

    A girl I went to school with worked in a nursing home. For 3 years they put off her raise, they kept telling her to wait due to budget constraints. She did.

    So after 3 years they gave her a raise a whopping 11 cents. And no they did not make it retroactive.
  7. by   eltrip
    Hmmm...trying to remember...3% in '01, 5% in '02...they're talking about 4% this year, system-wide, not just for us. In our area, teachers haven't had more than a 2% raise (total) over the past several years. We're at least getting raises. It's not wonderful but it could be worse.
  8. by   renerian
    I have never worked a health care job in my 18 years of nursing where I got an annual raise, not given, so I am not sure. I hope you get a good one though.

  9. by   plantsower
    Where I work we have an annual evaluation and a raise anywhere from 0-5%. Except....... We have been told we can never have the 5% because we are not perfect and since nobody is perfect, no one will ever get the 5%. What do you say to something like that? Sheeesh!! R..
  10. by   gwenith
    We have an automatic raise each year until year 8 (varies with EN/RN) so that we start at pay point 1.1 and work up to 1.8 where it stays - forever mon!!

    When they rewrote the EN (Enrolled Nurse = LPN) career structure they did try to make the yearly increment rises dependant on yearly evaluations but we stomped on that good and hard ( I was on the committee that oversaw the implementation of the EN career structure in our hospital). I could see that EN's would end up getting bad reviews after bad reviews simply so that the hospitla could save a few dollars - no WAY!!!
  11. by   eltrip
    We rec'd a raise...5% - they're trying to bring us to the same level as bedside nurses.

    Our facility also gave out bonuses for the 2nd year in a row (the only 2 years that bonuses have EVER been given out in anyone's recollection).
  12. by   Shed13911
    I am due for my annual review next month. I was told that I would get a 3% raise at that point. I wish it were more but it is better than nothing at all!!
  13. by   Shotzie
    We've done fairly well the last couple of years. We have gotten two "equilibration raises" to keep us equal to the other institutions in our area in addition to our yearly merit raises.
    This has put us all in the $25-$28.00 an hour range and that does not include shift diffs...
  14. by   renerian
    Have not had a raise in years. I hope you get what your looking for though!