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Originally posted by Brownms46

"The Jeri that walked out the door did what she had to do...while she might have not consulted with THIS Jeri, neither one of us have any regrets."

:rotfl:....gurl you better talk to that other Jeri, and :

Isn't Jeri a slang tem used to describe a German soldier during WWII?

In this usage, what is a "Jeri?" Is a Geri just an average person?

Help:confused: :p

Is Jeri used for both sexes, or just women? I'm sorry


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Jeri, I know what you mean about the one income and tensions up a bit...been there done that got the T shirt...hehe.

Good luck to ya....know you'll do great! :)


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I am allowed to ride in a vehicle now as a passenger (with my lovely c-collar on) so I'm game for a Texas get together, Renee, Brownie and all.....! :):)

I can't drive yet BUT if you don't mind me bringing my better half along I'd LOVE to meet you lovely ladies (and gents) somewhere between Dallas and Corpus for some barbecue and/or liquid refreshment!

If it's on a weekend I can get there SO just let me know!! Maybe Jeri, Tom and others here in our great state can come also????

Would be fun for sure.....:) Just let me know if ya'll are up for this!


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Originally posted by nursejws

Now after 8+ months on one income, omg, if I don't get a job soon, my husband and I will have way too many hurt feelings, and we're just not like that. The stress of not having any money after bills are paid is more than I expected. I admit, I've been snappy with him. It's not that I mean too, I'm just worried with only two interviews, and no financial aid, what will we do if I don't get a job. :eek: :( :imbar

I can understand where you're coming from I have been there too! I understand how financial stress can affect relationships. And I know it's very hard to not lose your cool, when you're worried all the you will be able to do this or that. But take heart.::)! Things are about to turn around....and you can only do the best you can do, and you have done that!! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes we do have to go through the valley...before we reach the top of the mountain. Easier said than done...but have will succeed..:)! I sincerely believe that you will succeed!...:cool:


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Mario -- I am Jeri. Don't know about the German soldier bit...although I am German, I was named after my Dad. ;)

Get together in Texas?!?!?! Until further notice, I've got the time!

Brownie, like your tag line says, "Be careful what you wish might just get it...". I wish for THAT job! I hope my thank you letters make the right kind of impression. I've never sent thank you letters before! I hope it's the icing on the cake...ummm, cake...where was I? I hope it 's the icing on the cake and she calls me!!!!

Well, I've got a lot to pray for: getting a job, less tension between me and my hubby :kiss:, one of my best friends step dad had a heart attack yesterday, my brother has 7 titanium rods in his right ankle from skate boarding the other day(he did not have a good report on his care at the hospital he was in). My sister in law said the surgeon they're supposed to go see is the TOP surgeon, his bed manners suck, and he thinks he's God. :eek: I also pray for those around me. I always thank God for the day, and all the things I a place to live, car to drive, family, friends, food...etc, etc, etc. I also add the Jabez prayer, which JUST escaped my mind, but goes something like this: "oh lord bless me indeed and expand my territory. place your hand over me and keep me from harm so i will be free from pain".


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No news yet my friends on any job offer. :sniff:

Hubby finally let me on the puter late last night after he played some games. To my discovery BAD NEWS regarding WorldCom and hubby is doing some work for them. He's not employed by WorldCom, and he's not a temp or contract, WorldCom is clients of where my hubby works. How in the *bleep* can you misplace/no account for $3.8BILLION?!?!?!?! What are people thinking these days?? Now WorldCom has to lay off 17k people to save some money. Hubby is great at what he does, I hope he gets assigned to something else quickly if this happens. I think he'll be on the bench for a month, and if he doesn't find something he will be let go. :eek:

I was up for a few hours surfing for jobs, sending out follow-up emails, and praying for good news soon. I think it's really rude of to not respond to emails...even if it's just to let people know a position has been filled! An automated message can be set up for such things. I know it's not possible to respond to EVERY email...but even an automated message is better than nothing.

I must run to Walmart to pick up a few things, which I'm dreading because my calves are KILLING me from water aerobics Monday night. I was real careful not to jog underwater on my tip-toes, yet I'm still suffering. :chuckle Such as life, eh?

Please keep the prayers coming. Thank you! ((((

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