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I will be taking the TEAS V exam on Oct. 4th and I have about 2 weeks to study. I am so nervous! I'm studying while I'm taking my last pre-requisite class at a community college. I want to take my TEAS a second time, but I don't know when I should take it.

I want to apply to San Jose, CSU East Bay, CSU San Francisco, CSU Sacramento, and CSU Los Angeles.

I'm also going to apply to Pasadena Community College, LAPC, and LAVC.

My pre-requisites so far are 3.4-3.5

My overall is over 3.6-3.7ish

I have hospital/ clinic volunteer experience. (over 100+)

At what overall percentage do you recommend for me to receive as a score for my TEAS exam? I'm aiming for a 90% but I honestly feel discouraged.

I've read for San Jose you can only take the TEAS twice. I want to retake but should I wait after my Fall semester is over or during the winter? Their due date is Feb 15. However for CSULA it's Jan 5th.

Anyone can send me some reccomendations? Advice?

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Getting a 90% on the TEAS V would be a fantastic score, considering that normally a score around 62% is often considered "passing" by a lot of schools. What you should be concerned about with the TEAS is that often schools will accept only the first "passing" score and will disregard subsequent scores that are higher, even if they're substantially higher.

Do your absolute best the first time around. Since you are planning to take it again a 2nd time, check with all the schools you plan to attend to be certain that they'll accept a 2nd exam if it's passing (also) and a higher score in lieu of your 1st passing score.


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For the bachelor programs try to get as best you can. Csula only looks at reading and English but the community colleges prob just want you to have their minumum requirement.

I took the TEAS V about a year ago. I scored almost perfectly on the math, reading, and language... But suffered from "higher brain death" on the science portion. My high scores compensated for the low science score and I got an overall 82, which is pretty competitive, considering the national average is in the 60's. I was in the top selection of the RN program. Perfect the areas that you know and sometimes they will save your butt on the areas that you lack in :)

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Really? Wow I had no idea that was the passing rate. Over in California I think it's 75%, but I could be wrong. Most want over 80% as passing score rate. Thank you!

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Really? Wow I had no idea that was the passing rate. Over in California I think it's 75%, but I could be wrong. Most want over 80% as passing score rate. Thank you!

I'm in CA, too. Different schools have different "passing" scores. For example, the CSU near me assigns points based on your TEAS score. Because my GPA is 3.6/3.7 I needed to score 90-95 to have enough points to be competitive.

But my score of 82 is waaaaay over the "passing" score for the area community colleges, who only require a 62.

I go to LAPC and scored in the 90 percentile overall. I got somewhere in the 60s for my science section! My prereqs were B's for anat/physio and a C for micro. LAPC is a lottery so you just have to get lucky. good luck! Oh and I only studied for a few days before my exam... and I was sick. It's not that hard. Just study the book. Good luck!

Unless the programs you're applying to are SUPER competitive(think Yale and Duke), with a 3.5 GPA and an overall score in the upper 80's, I wouldn't be too concerned about getting in, you've got a fair chance. That said, each school weights different components differently, eg., I'm in Boston and the program I"m applying to weights heavily on A&P I&II, Bio, Microbiology and Chem I. They add to that your TEAS scores for Math, Science and Reading and that's how they arrive at the 80 people they take in to the program. Also, you must score above a 48 in Math and Reading and above a 37 in science. Hope this helps.