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  1. righteousjenn

    Who is watching the monitor?

    This is true for us as well... if we are helping bathe we always tell a neighboring nurse just to keep an ear out Incase we don’t hear.... alarms and appropriate volume is key
  2. righteousjenn

    Removing Foley’s on intubated patients

    So I work in CVICU.. within the last year our ID team has really been pushing for removal of Foley catheters on intubated patients. I am struggling to see the rationale behind this because most of the patients we do get who they are pushing this on are really sick. I have removed them on supervisor request only to have to reinsert my next shift due to urinary retention post removal (my guess is because they are sedated and it really does take active participation to void the first time). How does your hospital manage these patients? Are other facilities doing this as well? And where is the evidence showing that this is ultimately better for them at this stage of their ICU stay? I’ve tried looking it up but have found nothing. I do realize the risk of infection, as with any invasive device, however, or CAUTI numbers have been 0 thus far in our unit (prior to them recently pushing this on us) my unit is small... our ICU is about 3x the size and most of my removals/reinsertions happen when I float to their unit.
  3. righteousjenn

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    There’s this hospital in my area that pays$88 an hour per diem. I make $50 base... then differentials. 2 years as a nurse. Similar nurses in my unit making around $75/ hr .. they just have more exp btw I’m in LA
  4. righteousjenn

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    All day everyday. And you get to use whatever your facility provides you 🙂 And make sure your sleeves are rolled up!!!! Lol
  5. righteousjenn

    Your Favorite Nursing "Hack"

    I make a light knot around them with a gauze.. keeps them in place and works good.. also I make sure to label ALL my lines.. it’s so annoying when you have so many drips and you have to spend an hour labeling and making sure they’re all compatible when it literally takes 5 seconds to label in the beginning... also i second having a line Incase of emergencies.. I’ve been in some codes where there’s been a panic trying to figure out what’s going where... if I encounter this situation I will literally start removing lines.. in that moment t doesn’t matter what’s running thru them. I’m sure some nurses hate me for this.. but label your lines!!!!
  6. righteousjenn

    Your Favorite Nursing "Hack"

    To make sure you have no air bubbles when priming your tubing don’t prime too fast, turn ports downward as fluid is flowing past them and give them an extra flick at the same time. No air bubbles at all... saves a lot of time
  7. righteousjenn

    I've Been Employed at 7 Facilities as a New Grad RN

    Every good hospital is going to have you orient on days so you get a feel of what your unit actually does and how it runs. I would be weary not putting these jobs on your resume because they are reported and they do come up on a background check. My current facility called my last job at the container store before I was an official RN and I had only worked there for about a month. Also you will have gaps in your employment history that you will You to account for. The first year of nursing is tricky and you won’t even know how your feel about a current job until the dust settles. Good luck on finding a job that fits you!
  8. righteousjenn

    Girl in my cohort is cheating

    Please be advised that nursing school is the Hunger Games- everyone is out for themselves. You guys are only three days in and she's already proven to be a controlling friend. There might be a point where you witness something in clinical's and if she has you tied around her finger, you will not tell on her; she might blame it on you and then what? I don't trust people when they have a personality like that, they always have an alternative motive. I would find out the policy about cheating and read it. You might be just as guilty as them just for knowing about it. When I was in nursing school, there were people passing around the "professors test bank" to the books we had and most of our instructors would pull questions from there. I avoided studying with these people, and I always brought it up "if you guys have the test bank, I don't want to be involved, nor do I want to know where it's coming from." Do not go to study groups with this girl, you guys will all be charged with cheating. If it's still bothering you, go to an instructor; you will feel guilty, but much better.
  9. righteousjenn

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    In one of my last days of clinicals in nursing school I woke up not feeling very well. I only had one day left for absence and I really wanted to use it on my last day. After all I wasn't throwing up just having some mild diarrhea I think I ate something that didn't agree with me. I went to the store and got some of those chewable peptos and went to clinicals. One of the patients I had started having chest pain and she was on IV antibx and lyte replacements and I was running back and forth. I had to draw a tropinin lab and she was in one of those reverse iso rooms and they are a little warmer than other rooms. Anyways I was standing at the bedside drawing up blood and I started sweating and in my head I was like "oh no I'm going to throw up" the whole time I was kinda breathing through it and when I was done I like pretty much ran out of there but luckily I was near the nurses station. One of my classmates had the keys to the bathroom and I'm like power walking to her demanding her to open the door NOW. She was like jangling the keys trying to open the door but it was too late.. I started throwing up all over the floor and there was a big trash can on wheels next to me so I ran to that but it has no trash bag in it. I was mortified. And the EVS guy was like "it's ok it's not my trash can today." But I saw him wheeling the trash can down the hall to take it to get cleaned.... ugh
  10. righteousjenn

    LA County Nursing Applicants for Spring 2017-Generic Option

    Hey everyone! Good luck to people who are reapplying. As someone who graduated from County in December, I promise you that you wouldn't want to go anywhere else. By the time you are done, you will be running circles around other new grads from other schools. Their motto is "there's no other education like it in the world." and that is VERY true. Sure, there will be times where you feel broken and beaten down LOL but that's nursing school anywhere right? The experience you get from County patients you will not see them anywhere else. To answer questions about the TEAS; yes they make you take it. you can take it there or somewhere else just get your transcripts sent to them. I took mine at CSULA. They are very strict about the address; you MUST be a LA county resident for 1 year prior to applying, you might need to call them and explain your situation on how you accidentally put your Oregon address just so they don't think you moved here within the last month to apply. This is because taxpayer money goes to fund the school and it wouldn't be fair for someone who lives in like say San Bernadino County to come to our school if they don't pay taxes there. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me! I hope everyone that didn't get in for this semester sticks it out and waits and reapplies. It is worth every single moment.
  11. righteousjenn

    Pay grades for different units??

    They typically get paid more. They also get trained and are more in demand than med surg nurses.
  12. righteousjenn

    Foley statlocks

    Can you ever clamp in on the clear portion?? I thought it clamped on the bifurcation part
  13. righteousjenn

    lac-usc salary

    Hello everyone!! I'm about to graduate in six months.. Anyone can to update what has happened to them since their last posting?? I want to work at county
  14. righteousjenn

    Online Chemistry

    Chemistry is never easy.. Keep in mind before you try to take an online science class if you need the lab to be in person for it to count
  15. righteousjenn

    EpiPens....who knew?

    I get the epipen JR for my daughter and they are expensive but I only pay $150 for 4 per year which in my opinion is worth the money for peace of mind.
  16. righteousjenn

    How hard is the TEAS test?

    I got a 87% on the exam.. However I only focused on the English and reason part because the school I was applying to only looked at those.