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    Who is watching the monitor?

    This is true for us as well... if we are helping bathe we always tell a neighboring nurse just to keep an ear out Incase we don’t hear.... alarms and appropriate volume is key
  2. righteousjenn

    Removing Foley’s on intubated patients

    So I work in CVICU.. within the last year our ID team has really been pushing for removal of Foley catheters on intubated patients. I am struggling to see the rationale behind this because most of the patients we do get who they are pushing this on are really sick. I have removed them on supervisor request only to have to reinsert my next shift due to urinary retention post removal (my guess is because they are sedated and it really does take active participation to void the first time). How does your hospital manage these patients? Are other facilities doing this as well? And where is the evidence showing that this is ultimately better for them at this stage of their ICU stay? I’ve tried looking it up but have found nothing. I do realize the risk of infection, as with any invasive device, however, or CAUTI numbers have been 0 thus far in our unit (prior to them recently pushing this on us) my unit is small... our ICU is about 3x the size and most of my removals/reinsertions happen when I float to their unit.
  3. When I was applying to the one and only school I wanted to go to(a BSN program) I had a really big fear something was going to happen that wouldn't let me start.... Well it happened.. I was a half credit away from having my min 60 units to transfer and the university revoked my acceptance (not the nursing program) so now I've applied to 3 adn programs for spring and I'm afraid the same thing will happen... I'm never going to be able to go to nursing school!!!! That's my fear