Teas V - how and what to study


I studied the ATI book and the practice quizzes.

I don't know what else to study..




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That's what I studied since they create the test and I got a 90.7 so it was worth the purchase. Good luck on your exam!!


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I used the official ATI book as well, got a 93.3 (99th percentile). Best $50 I ever spent, definitely the way to go!


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I took it blind just to see what areas to study since we were allowed 2 attempts. I made an 84.7 (95th percentile) on my first attempt without spending any money, and I have been out of high school for 19 years. If you are a reasonably intelligent person, you may be able to get by with the free TEAS V websites that have practice tests. 50$ is a nominal fee in the grand scheme of a nursing career also so use your own discretion as to what to pay for. You will need to brush up on some chemistry, balancing reactions and such. There is a generous portion of biology as well and of course language and reading to go along with fairly basic algebra (slope/intercept and solving for variables). Best of luck to you on your journey to becoming a nurse!


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I just got my ati book on monday and already just skimming through it, it has given me anxiety. I totally forget everything i learned in biology and chemistry... i have a rough 4 months ahead of me with studying...


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I think it's good to have several testing materials to get a better overall feel of what you're expected to know on the test. When I was studying for the NCLEX I went the library and checked out all of the NCLEX study books they had, and I also took free online tests and quizzes. Some of the books and sites are better than others, but it was nice to be able to pick out common themes and concepts that were important in all of the resources so I knew what I should be focusing on. Also, the nursing administration office at your school might be able to point you in the right direction. At my college, the nursing office had pretty much every type of book you could ask for (TEAS, NCLEX, etc) but you had to use them at the school. Good luck on your test!


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You should take the online assessment practice exams from ati