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  1. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    Rates | Facilities Management
  2. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    No, nyu.
  3. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    Accepted ACCIDENTALLY for spring 2015. Deferred it to Fall 2015 :)
  4. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    Columbia emailed us and said that estimated cost is ~84,000 for BSN. However, NYU is more I think. Go to NYU's website and look up tuition for the accelerated BSN: NYU > Office of the Bursar > Tuition/Fees > Fall and Spring > College of Nursing (Undergraduate). It's 21,873 x 3 (fall, spring, fall) AND $1289 per credit for the summer sessions (15 credits)= 84954, which does not include student fees per semester. Here's a link to the curriculum so you can see how many semesters + summer credits: https://nursing.nyu.edu/sites/default/files/Fall%20Start%20Fifteen-Month%20B.S.%20Curriculum.pdf.
  5. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    I got in for adult acute care. I also got into NYU's accelerated program (won't have to put a deposit down until June). / Does anyone have any advice or can anyone help me weigh pro's and con's for both schools? My main concern is getting a BSN in 12 months, instead of 15 at NYU, and I might not do the MSN part in order to get ICU experience to go into anesthesia. Anything would help.
  6. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    There is really no cap on any specialty besides Anesthesia (8) and Midwife (8 as well I believe, but I'm not sure). On average, 800 students are accepted, however.
  7. Hey! Did you go to the info session? I want able to make it and I had some questions. I was wondering if there are study abroad opportunities or research opportunities. I don't think I saw a research course on the curriculum. How quickly do students get jobs after finishing the program?
  8. Jks322

    University of Rochester ABPNN Sept 2015

    They got interviews for the January or May 2015 start. The program has 3 start dates: January, May I think, and September of 2015. I am applying for the September start cohort and, yes, our deadline is in March.
  9. Jks322

    Columbia ETP 2015

    Did anyone get an email or notification that their application is being reviewed?? This is for people who have completed their entire application (aka there are no red X's when you check application status). It's almost November and decisions are given by February so I was just wondering.
  10. Thanks! I'll do that :)
  11. I also have an email of someone who just graduated and personal messaged me so I will be reaching out to them soon too and can convey their advice to you via this thread.
  12. I completely understand what youre saying. I'm having a hard time picking because some schools are ranked higher and more expensive but other programs could be just as good an affordable. What ranking are u referring to? I looked at us world and news report but they only rank graduate programs.
  13. Jks322

    Internships/externships/study abroad etc

    I did not know this. Do you know how this would work for a student in an accelerated program? There will obviously not be enough time for an internship or externship so maybe the best option would be after the program is over. Ideally, I would like to work as an ED nurse and then work in critical care. Maybe someone out there knows of CC internships/externships for someone who is already a working RN with a BSN.
  14. Jks322

    Knitting during class: ok or not?

    Honestly, if a student does not give me their undivided attention and decided to knit during class, I would make sure the rest of the professors in the program are aware of your enthusiasm for my class. That is not a student who is interested in learning, in my opinion, since things like head nodding or eye contact are considered good body language that conveys enthusiasm....not looking down at your knitting. I would definitely not write them a letter of recommendation or recommend them for any award in the program etc.
  15. Jks322

    I'm too slow

    I know you have probably taken the test already, but, in case you are retaking it or for timed tests in the future, always learn the material first and do practice questions. Then do the practice questions under timed conditions. The best way to get faster is to know the material so well that you instantly realize how to solve the problem/understand what they are asking and then know how to solve it. If you feel like that is not the problem, then you need to study some strategies to beat the clock such as simplifying or identifying patterns in the data etc.
  16. Jks322

    Teas V - how and what to study

    That's what I studied since they create the test and I got a 90.7 so it was worth the purchase. Good luck on your exam!!

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