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  1. Personally I think most instructors went through hell in school, so they just feel the need to perpetuate that atmosphere. Plus, if it were easy, everyone would do it
  2. jclark76

    Teas V - how and what to study

    I took it blind just to see what areas to study since we were allowed 2 attempts. I made an 84.7 (95th percentile) on my first attempt without spending any money, and I have been out of high school for 19 years. If you are a reasonably intelligent person, you may be able to get by with the free TEAS V websites that have practice tests. 50$ is a nominal fee in the grand scheme of a nursing career also so use your own discretion as to what to pay for. You will need to brush up on some chemistry, balancing reactions and such. There is a generous portion of biology as well and of course language and reading to go along with fairly basic algebra (slope/intercept and solving for variables). Best of luck to you on your journey to becoming a nurse!
  3. jclark76

    memory aids

    any helpful aids in memorizing normal lab values? the ranges keep slipping from memory. Thanks in advance
  4. jclark76

    TEAS V Exam

    It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I graduated in 95 and took the TEAS V in February to see where I needed to study, sort of feel the test out. I scored 84.0% on the first try so needless to say I didn't ever end up studying. I was accepted yesterday to the ADN program I applied to so my advice is don't worry, treat it like a practice exam and don't stress :)
  5. jclark76

    Am I too old?

    I'm finishing pre-reqs in 8 weeks, at the young age of 37
  6. jclark76

    TEAS V - Chemistry?

    I last took chemistry in 1993 as a high school sophomore. I scored 100% on the physical science/chemistry section of the Teas science, and ironically only in the low 90's on the biology and anatomy areas, classes I took within the last semester before the TEAS. It's bark is worse than it's bite, I scored in the 95th percentile nationally on my first try without studying. 84.0% A.I.S., so it's doable. I'm 37 and forgot how to study about 15 years ago lol
  7. jclark76

    Lea Regional Medical Center in Hobbs?

  8. jclark76

    TEAS V - Chemistry?

    I agree with pmabraham, balancing formulas and the types of bonds are important. Also review the differences between atomic number, mass number, etc.
  9. jclark76

    Enter your TEAS V Scores here!!

    Program Type: ADN Adjusted Individual Total Score: 84.0% ATI Academic Preparedness Level: Advanced Mean - National: 64.3% Mean - Program: 64.9% Percentile Rank - National - 94 Percentile Rank - Program - 95 Reading Adjusted Individual Score 83.3% Mathematics A.I.S. 93.3% Science A.I.S. 81.3% English and Language Usage A.I.S. 80.0% This was my first attempt, no studying with the exception of the free online sites that have practice exams.
  10. jclark76


    I just took the TEAS for the first time last week, sort of a benchmark attempt to see where I was weak. I scored 84.0%, and was informed by the proctor that it was well over what I would need to get in, so I am leaving well enough alone. The things that stood out to me that I was unprepared for was balancing chemical equations. I haven't taken chemistry since my sophomore year in HS, which was 20 years ago. As far as the math went, FOIL was on there a few times, and order of operations. Everything else was easy, with the exception of forgetting how to speak proper English lol.