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I recently took the TEAS V and did not score to well on the math. It has been about 7 years since I took College Algebra and feel as if I learned nothing in middle/high school. So now I am playing catch up. My biggest struggle seems to be word problems, does anyone have good websites with practice problems? Thank you for your help!

You could try testprepreview.com they have math , science, reading for you to have fun with. Good luck on your next attempt. :)

I've been using Khan Academy videos (I hate watching videos, but these are pretty great) and exercises to practice math. Sometimes the name I know the formula or concept by isn't what the site calls it, but I've found most of what I need there. I like that the exercises have step by step hints if you need them, and that I can keep doing the same types of questions (you get new numbers) until I get the hang of them.

Good luck!