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Teas V Book

Hello guys ! Has anyone ever taken the entrance exam Teas V? If so,does it matter which Teas boom that I purchase? If you have any suggestions of which book is the most efficient please let me know. Thank you my fellow nurses!!!!!!

Silverdragon102, BSN

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There's an official ati teas book that you can get. you can also buy supplemental teas practice books. The important book foremost is the official ati book.

I rented an ATI book from Amazon. It was only about $15. I haven't taken the TEAS yet (I have it scheduled for August) so I can't personally tell you if it's a good book to get, but from all the reviews I've read ATI was among the best. My school recommended it, too.

The official ATI book covers all the topics, but sometimes the explanations aren't quite in depth enough. See if your library has any TEAS study guides you can read before buying. That way, you pick the one that has the explanation best style for you. Definitely take the practice tests in the ATI book, though, because the style is like what you'll see on the TEAS. Just be sure you take the TEAS V by the end of August because it's changing soon! :) Good luck!


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