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I have been studying for the TEAS Test for a couple of weeks now, I plan on taking the test August 7th. I am pretty nervous about the math and science section of the test. For those of you who have taken the test, is it as hard as it seems? Any pointers??

The math is all very basic. Proportions, perecntages, conversions. Triple check your work. The science is all over the place. I've taken it twice and rmthe second time it seemed tougher, but I had a headache during the entire test.

I took the practice TEAS test and I completely bombed the Science section. So I bought ATI's study book and have been focusing on the math and science sections. I do not remember science being so hard. I am trying to get into Concorde and I was surprised that you have to get 48.5% to "pass" the test. That took a little pressure off. If you do not mind me asking, what was your score on the TEAS test?

I would recommend doing the focused review on the ATI website and focusing on the stuff you didnt get right.......48.5% wow thats no pressure at all

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This thread has been moved to our TEAS Exam Help forum to elicit some responses from those who have taken or will take the TEAS test. Good luck to you.

Hey Trish...I just took it. Scored 87% ranked in the 97th percentile! Very excited if you can't already tell by the exclamation points! haha.

As a recent taker of the test, a few take-aways I have are

a)be diligent in the math section, don't spend too much time on one problem...if you are unsure mark your best guess and if you have time go back and work on it. I took my time to be as careful as possible with my work and ended up losing my question to the timer! ugh! Be detailed, but be wise.

b)The science section is a little nutty. Some random physics and geology questions...if you miss those it won't hurt you too much cause there are only a few, just make sure you are STRONG in your anatomy, chem and basic biology. Know your punnets, know your eukaryotes and prokaryotes, know organelles of the cell and their functions, know your organization levels and you should do well. Also, brush up on basic chem. stuff.

c) In the reading section I had several questions about predicate, subject-verb agreement, simple sentence...brush up on all that grammar terminology!

Get a lot of sleep and use the restroom beforehand! lol. Best of luck to you! Let us know how it goes.

Congrats! That is so awesome! That you so much for all the pointers. I really hope all the studying I have been doing pays off. I will definitely let you all know the results of my test!

Do you get a break between each section of the test or do you have to go straight through? Thank you

Do you get a break between each section of the test or do you have to go straight through? Thank you

No the test doesn't stop between sections for a break. You can take a bathroom break if needed but I think you are on able to pause your test one maybe two times. The test really isn't that long so there is no need to take more than one break. I didn't take any breaks,neither did majority of the people that tested with me.