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  1. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Does anyone know what the schedule might look like for the first few weeks. I know it said that we could all have different schedules after the first day of orientation, but is it 40 hr/week M-F? Thank you!
  2. Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    A lot of us used our percentile on the predictor exam as our "chance of passing". So yours would be a 88% chance of passing. That's great! Good luck
  3. Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    I scored a 92% chance of passing on the predictor exam, and averaged 63% on all my uworld tests. I passed first try in 75 questions. Uworld is amazing because of the rationales. Honestly, uworld questions are different than the questions on the nclex...
  4. NCLEX 2017, need advice!

    I had a similar experience. Before taking the test, I thought I would easily be able to figure out if I was answering a passing level question or not. That did not happen. I had straight content specific questions randomly mixed in with application q...
  5. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Does Mayo provide scrubs or should we purchase them?
  6. I just graduated, so obviously I'm not in a position to give advice. But this is my biggest takeaway from nursing school, so I think it's important for incoming students to hear this: it's not all about you. Let me explain. My first hospital rotation...
  7. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Hi Egaddy, I just graduated from ASU! Mayo likes applicants that have exposure to Mayo. In your last year I would try to sign up for any available clinicals at Mayo or at least try to volunteer there. You don't have to have a set number of volunteer ...
  8. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Excited to be joining you all! 4E! Congrats to everyone!
  9. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    Congrats @jsf707 that's awesome!! How long after you received the email did they call you?
  10. UCLA New Grad Residency Winter 2017

    Congrats!!I did not receive a call
  11. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    That's awesome!!! Congrats! How long after the email did you get a call?
  12. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    I got the background check email today.
  13. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    I read in last year's thread that they send the background check email out in waves. So if you didn't receive it yesterday, there is still chance. Stay positive! =)
  14. Mayo New Grad Residency Feb 2017

    So does everyone who interviewed status change to interview, but they only send the email to people they plan to hire?
  15. UCLA New Grad Residency Winter 2017

    Anyone hear from 5E, Tele. They said they were going to call us for a second interview in early December.