Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


i took my teas test earlier today... And i failed... Not by too much tho but now im nervous about taking it again. I failed science and math... Does anyone have any helpful tips, tricks, or ideas that can help me out?

Im so sorry to hear that. I haven't taken it yet..what did you use to study? You will do better the second time. Good luck to you!!

I'm sorry. :(

I used the ATI manual to study and the testprepreview.com study guides. I studied for an hour or two every day for about a month to a month and a half. I found the ATI manual to be very similar to the TEAS. The testprepreview.com stuff was harder, but it was very useful. I hope do better next time and good luck!

Read through the TEAS threads and there are a lot of good suggestions and areas that you should study. That and the "unofficial" site listed above are all that I used.

Good luck.;)

Definitely read the TEAS thread. I read through it before my test and it helped me a ton. Take your time but be aware of the time limit. The only one I came close to was math. I had like 3 minutes left when I finally finished the math section. I made a list (as I went through) of the ones I wanted to go back and check again. The science part was really hard for me too. I ended up with an 89.4% on the entire TEAS, but like an 80% on the science. It was really crazy, all over the board with the questions. Good luck.


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