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I finally start nursing school in Spring of 2011. Yay!

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  1. RunHeatherRun

    UTA MSN in Nursing Education online

    I had a good experience. Some of the gen ed's were a pain, mainly History. It wasn't a difficult class but it was poorly organized. I enjoyed how short the courses were, particularly the nursing courses. By the time I got sick of a class, it was over. Ha.
  2. RunHeatherRun

    UTA MSN in Nursing Education online

    I'm by no means ready to apply, even though I finished the RN-BSN program in May of this year. I just have a few questions regarding the MSN in Nursing Education at UTA. How does preceptorship work? Is the courseload similar to the RN-BSN program? Thank goodness there aren't a bunch of general ed courses. Are the courses difficult? Is it doable while working full time? Can classes be doubled to complete the degree faster? How do you like the program? Would you recommend it?
  3. RunHeatherRun

    What do you LOVE about HH nursing?

    I love home health. I love the autonomy, flexibility, the relationships I develop with my patients, how much I have learned about wound care, being able to provide quality education on disease processes and medications. I am a loner by nature so being able to decompress in my car between patients is valuable to me. I love being able to critically think on the fly and come up with some truly creative ideas to problems I run into out in the field. I love being able to advocate for my patients. I love that I truly feel like I am helping my patients on a daily basis. It's not always flowers and unicorns, but the majority of the time I love what I do. I feel passionate about what I do.
  4. RunHeatherRun

    How many miles do you drive?

    I'm just curious. I live and work in a pretty rural area and my daily mileage varies from 35 (a really good day) to 150 (not such a good day). Thankfully, my agency compensates at the federal rate for mileage. I feel bad for my poor new-ish car. lol
  5. RunHeatherRun

    General Ed Classes Advice from fellow UTA students

    Take both the history classes alone. The workload is brutal. The rest were fine to double up on, whether with another gen ed or a nursing course.
  6. RunHeatherRun

    Capstone 4/6

    Not yet. Super annoying!
  7. RunHeatherRun

    Which classes are easy or difficult for ADN to BSN at UTA?

    Take history and math elsewhere.
  8. RunHeatherRun

    Leadership & Management N4455 online RN to BSN

    This class was manageable. The first couple of weeks were busier but nothing crazy. Mostly the material is dry, dry, dry.
  9. RunHeatherRun

    Uta rn-bsn nursing research 4325

    I did not take Legacy but I have heard that it is brutal on course load.
  10. RunHeatherRun

    med/surg vs home care with small children?

    I have two young kids and my home health work schedule is similar to what you have described. I love the flexibility. I can stop at the school between patients and bring my kids lunch, do parent teacher conferences, pick up a sick kid from school and drop off with the husband or a grandparent, go to a doctor appointment, etc. Plus, I start from home so I get to see my kids off to school and get home shortly after the youngest and around the same time as the oldest. I do my charting in between patients so I don't have charting to do in the evening. It has been great for our family. I do wish I didn't have to be on call, but it's pretty easy and I've only had to go out to do a visit while on call a couple of times.
  11. RunHeatherRun

    Capstone 4/6

    I'm proofing mine tonight and turning it in. Sadly, I have a week of history left before I can celebrate. lol
  12. RunHeatherRun

    History 1311 and 1312

    I am so burned out, I am behind on reading again. lol We are so close, though! British Lit did have a couple of timed essays. However, the essays were easy and the time was very generous. British Lit was a bit more time consuming than I thought it would be, but I rather enjoyed it. I am partial to literature classes and would take them all if they would let me (and if I could afford it). I have heard American Lit is a little more manageable (and that you read A Thousand Splendid Suns, which is one of my favorite books, ever). Regarding the electives...are you working currently? If so, take Cooperative Work Experience. It was insanely easy. I have heard Legacy is brutal. Med Term was pretty awful. The material wasn't hard, but the timed tests were terrible. You get 30 minutes to answer 50 questions, can't go back to change answers, and the tests are only open for a 24 hour window. I hated that class. I would ask your advisor if you can take both work experience classes if you need two electives. I live in California but I am going to Texas for graduation next week. My aunt lives in Dallas so it will be a combined trip of visiting her and attending commencement. I have never participated in a commencement ceremony (graduated high school early through independent study because I was knocked up) so I am really excited about it. Also, I am the first on my mother's side of the family to obtain a degree higher than an associates. Only two people on my father's side have obtained a Bachelor's degree. I will be the third.
  13. RunHeatherRun

    Leaving SNF/LTC for HH Nursing

    I went from SNF to HH and it was the best decision I ever made. HH is so much better!
  14. RunHeatherRun

    Just about to start the program with Eng II

    Yes, you need English II for the program. It wasn't hard. You will be fine!
  15. RunHeatherRun

    Uta rn-bsn nursing research 4325

    Looks like they changed it, you lucky thing!
  16. RunHeatherRun

    Uta rn-bsn nursing research 4325

    If they changed it, you are so lucky! Online group work is not a fun time.