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Hey guys! I just recently learned about a new version of TEAS starting in the fall 2016. Has anyone heard of this or has any information? I've tried to research online, but I didn't see anything. Thanks!

I am following this post because I am curious myself. I took the TEAS V twice already with the highest score of a 74%. I know my score needs to be much higher but before I retake it, I am curious how the new version will be, and if my TEAS V results will no longer be valid if TEAS 6 is in effect. I'm very concerned how this will play out for people like myself who have taken the TEAS V a couple of times and are on their last attempt...


I can't speak for your school, but the one I am applying to will not accept TEAS V scores for applications after the TEAS 6 has gone into effect. Maybe check with your school on it.

Yes my school is starting the TEAS 6 after September 1st.

Check this site. Not much info at this time, but this is all I could find too.

Pre-Nursing School FAQ | TEAS Test FAQ | ATI

I am applying to a BSN program in February - I asked them about the new TEAS test and said that they would still accept the TEAS V. Hopefully I will only need to take it once and and it will work out!

Phew! So glad I read this thread. I just emailed my school to ensure I know when the new version will go into effect.

One of the Nursing Coordinators (who has her BSN) at the university said she took the test and did not do well. I would like to know if a BSN did not do well, will they take her license away?

That same link on the bottom under "The new ATI TEAS," there's a link http://atiteas.info/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/ATI-TEAS-Content-Updates.pdf with SOME info. Looks like calculators will be provided

I am not sure how accurate this link is but I googled comparisons of the Teas and this seemed to be the only helpful comparison. It says what's on the new test compared to the old one and the time allowed in each section. I hope this helps someone. Best TEAS® 5 Test vs. New ATI TEAS® Test Comparison - Mometrix Test Preparation Blog

Hello! As of yesterday, Aug 31 2016, the new TEAS6 version is what you will be tested on. If you visit atitesting.com, you can obtain the paperback book, and have access to two online practice tests.

I took the new teas test today... Here is what I found.... Buy the book directly from ATI. I also purchased additional help books, I did not even open them.... You CAN use a calculator on the test!! Woohoo!!! It is a built in calculator you click on IN the test. Know A&P well, know cell function well and what ALL cells have/missing. The practice test A was most like the actual teas. practice test B messed with my head so bad I thought I would do poorly on the teas. I walked away with an 80.7 and I'm good with that. Study study study the science section. Know atoms, electrons, proton, neutrons, quarks?? (What the heck is a quark?!?!?) know which is the lightest, etc. I really hope this helps anyone getting ready for the new test! Also, if you are familiar with the teas5, the teas6 book is WAY BETTER, WAY SMALLER, more straight to the point. PS) there are some errors in the new book so email ATI and ask for the corrections page. They will get it to you fast :)

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