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I have to take the TEAS this summer before entering my 4yr BSN program at a small private nursing school. I was just wondering what to expect on these tests? Are there difficult? Is there any preparing that I can or should do? I would appreciate any information and help anyone can give me! Thanks in advance!

If you still have The ATI Pre-Test Study Manual available, I would love to buy it from you.

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I just took the TEAS and it was harder than I expected. There were students in classes with me with 3.5 GPAs and above that failed the test. I used the study guide from www.atitesting.com. It saved my life!!! I only studied the math part thinking I would just need a little refreshing. :( phhhttt! Study the science part over and over and over!!! That part kicked my butt!

Hi! I just took the TEAS test this afternoon and I got an 84%! Not the greatest, BUT I am extremely happy with it!! I studied from the ATI study guide and I bought their 100 question practice test, and I HIGHLY recommend this commbination!! The math, reading, and english sections were all exactly like the study guide! I thought that for the most part Reading and English were extremely fair on the test, mainly common sense stuff. Read through the ATI study guide and they will give you some really good advice and lots of practice questions, so you can get a feel of how the questions are asked.

I didn't have any questions in math that were not in the study guide. If you conquer every question in the study guide, you will for sure do good in the math section! Study your ratio's, percentages, and METRIC CONVERSIONS. I had about 5 questions on cm, mm, mL, L, and lbs conversions. Basic Algebra and basic geometry. Again, if you know the stuff in the guide, you will do fine on this section! HOWEVER, I do not think that they give you enough time for the math section!! I only had 2 minutes to spare at the end and quite a few of the other students ran out of time before they could finish. IF you find yourself stuck and spending more than two minutes on a question, just skip it and move on. Better to answer 5 that you know, than get hung up on that 1 and end up with a page of no answers!

For the science, wow. That was my worst section! STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!! Understand every section in the book and look online at basic physics and chemistry. There were quite a few questions about rocks, clouds, and tectonic plates; stuff I REALLY didn't study enough!!

Best of luck to everyone taking the TEAS! I know this website was such a great help to me!!

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I took the TEAS test. I didn't study for it and I got a 90%. It's a standardized test so I felt you either knew it or you didn't.

Theres only 30 questions on science which cover Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Physiology, and Microbiology. For just 30 questions you would have to do a lot of studying.

The math was pretty basic. There are 40 questions. As long as you can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and do fractions/ratios/percentages you'll do fine. There was only one question on weight conversion which was the only question in the math section that I felt unfamiliar with. The rest is basic math.

Also there are 40 questions on Reading and 55 on English.

Remember those standardized tests you took in high school? It's just like those.

Buy the TEAS study guide from the ATI website-it is $55, but well worth it! The most difficult section is the math; the other sections like reading and A&P are easy and more like a review.The math on the test very basic, but you can't use a calculator, and it is timed, with a lot of problems!

The study guide really helps prepare you for the type of questions they ask-even if you are already know these subjects, it always helps to review, especially the math and life science sections. Math is a huge portion of the test, and I found it the most difficult. A lot the students I took the test with were not able to complete the entire section because they were trying to be accurate, so study, study, study with the study guide! If you know someone else who has to take the test, buy the book together and then make copies!

Good luck!

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